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Ambush marketing “occurs when one brand pays to become the official sponsor of an event (most often athletic) and another competing brand to cleverly connect itself with the event, without paying the sponsorship fee, more frustratingly, without breaking any laws”(Sauer, 2002). Ambush marketing is something that every sporting event must deal with. From the vendor-selling knock off to the large corporation buying billboard space outside of a baseball park, these are all forms of ambush marketing. Most ambush marketing aims to associate itself with major events that have high sponsorship fees or that create exclusivity for their sponsors (Mullin, 2007).

The Problem
AT&T is one of Velocity Sports and Entertainments biggest clients. The problem that we are facing as their sponsorship activators is the threat of being ambushed. Currently we are experiencing some of the worst economic times and more companies are lowering themselves to become ambushers in order to save money. Companies who still see the value in sponsorships are seeking a way to protect their interests.

AT&T vs. Verizon
Currently Verizon wireless is the largest cell phone provider in the United States. This graph shows that Verizon controls 31% of the U.S. wireless provider market share.
Verizon has been increasing their competitive advantage over AT&T by introducing the Iphone to its arsenal and by providing high quality service for its customers. AT&T on the other hand has been dealing with network issues and has lost the exclusivity to the Iphone.

AT&T’s Current Sponsorship Activation With the NCAA Final Four
We have been creative in developing in what we consider to be a lucrative partnership with the NCAA. We have devel...

... middle of paper ...

...k down. If not we are willing to take them to court along with our partner the NCAA for violating the Lanham Act and being the first case to establish case law on ambush marketing. We need to protect our clients interests and these actions will help us do that.

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