Essay on Allison : A Weight Loss

Essay on Allison : A Weight Loss

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Allison is a 38-year old employed female, divorced mother of two children and was referred to the agency by her sister, regarding her recent change in mood from high to low within the last few months. Allison recalls the last time she felt like this was following her divorce 4 years ago. Allison states she feels like she is a burden to everyone. Currently Allison describes her issues as feeling down, having no energy, not being able to concentrate, and not sleeping well. Allison wakes up at 4 am, stares, at the clock, and can’t go back to sleep. Allison often feels exhausted after waking up and has experienced a decrease in her appetite. Allison has experienced some weight loss within the last couple of months and not been able to enjoy normal daily activities. Allison states she “feels like her brain has not switched off.” Allison mentions being fed up, miserable, feeling black, having crying spells frequently, and forgetting things. Allison describes her low mood being accompanied by inability to work, inability to focus, no desire for a social life, struggles with raising her kids effectively, and withdrawing from her current boyfriend. Allison has experienced suicidal thoughts in the past and present, but does not have a suicide plan. Allison states her sister suggested she get help for her issues.
Family of Origin
Allison’s parents are deceased and passed away from natural cause when Allison was 35 years’ old. Allison’s parents were happily married for a total of 25 years and they had two children together. Allison is the youngest child out of the two children and has one older sister who lives in Gulfport, MS. Allison recalls having a normal childhood and is very close to her sibling. Allison’s sister encouraged her to seek ...

... middle of paper ...

...n tends to see things as being pointless and feel inadequate as a mother. Allison is requesting sessions with a marriage and family counselor. Initial recommendation is referral to an acute mental health facility, until the client is stable and her suicidal thoughts are under control. Recommend evaluation of mental status by the facility’s psychiatrist immediately. Recommend the psychiatrist evaluate the patient for anti-depressant medications. Recommend that Allison’s children be temporary removed from the home, until she is stable and has completed treatment. Recommend referral for individual therapy, alcohol & substance abuse support meeting, and mandatory suicide precautions.

DSM Diagnosis
AXIS I: 296.32 Major depressive disorder, recurrent, moderate
AXIS II: No diagnosis
AXIS IV: Occupational Problems; Divorce, Economic Problems

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