Essay on The Alliances Between Austria And Russia

Essay on The Alliances Between Austria And Russia

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‘The pattern of alliances and agreements formed in Europe in the years 1879-1907 was shaped primarily by Germany’s concerns about its security.’ How far do you agree with this opinion?
The alliances formed from 1879 to 1907 were primarily due to the security concerns of Germany, this is shown by German attempts to isolate France to prevent them from taking revenge for the Franco-Prussian war by trying to court Russia into an a permanent alliance with it and Austria and trying to prevent conflict between Austria and Russia. They also tried to not antagonize Britain and thus focus on Europe but this changed after Kaiser Wilhelm II fired Bismarck and enacted Weltpolitik. However, there are other factors in the formation of the patterns and alliances including imperial rivalry and German aggressiveness.
Germany’s primary concern was France in 1879. There policy was driven around France being isolated. This was to prevent France gathering enough strength in allies to beat Germany and thus this was defensive in nature. This is primarily shown by the German attempts to stop both Austria and Russia from allying with France to prevent a 2 front war. This also means preventing either Austria or Russia from going to war with each other so as to prevent and disruption in the balance of power and prevent either from allying with France. This is shown primarily in the League of The Three Emperors treaty in 1881 and its renewal in 1884 and the Reinsurance treaty in 1897. All these treaties were struck to prevent hostility forming between Austria, Germany and Russia. This was due to Bismarck’s primal concern which was to prevent either from allying with France and thus allowing France to come out of isolation and threaten peace. They were also...

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...y concerns initially but changed after the implementation of Weltpolitik after Bismarck’s dismissal. The main alliance between Austria and Germany and the treaties of the League of Three Emperors and the Reinsurance Treaty were primarily formed because of the security concerns of France becoming un-isolated. However, after 1890 the Franco-Russian Dual alliance was caused by German over-aggressiveness in seeking its Weltpolitik policy by seeking an alliance with Britain and both the Anglo-Japanese and the Anglo-French entente were over mostly imperial concerns and to a certain limited degree the Anglo-Japanese alliance could be argued to have been caused by the German naval construction. Overall prior to 1890 the agreements were caused by German security concerns however after it was mainly caused by imperial rivalry and Germany aggressiveness in seeking Weltpolitik.

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