Alexander The Great: The Macedonian Throne Essay

Alexander The Great: The Macedonian Throne Essay

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Alexander the Great was a powerful man from when he was a child, and he grew up to be one of the most powerful and courageous leaders of all time. He first demonstrated this strength and courage at the age of fourteen. Alexander was very fascinated when it came to horses and he watched the unsaddled horses gallop around. Not even the best riders were able to break in the horses. A horse was then brought in that no one, not even the mighty King Philip, Alexander’s father, could master. The horse, Bucephalus, was bound to be the most famous horse in history. King Philip, with his temper, wanted to get rid of him, but Alexander said he could ride him and he did. From that day forward, Bucephalus was the horse Alexander rode in battle, and that was the day of his very first, but not last victory. Alexander the Great was one of the most powerful and strong leaders of all time who conquered most of the ancient world, built a city in his name, and managed to always put his people first.
“Alexander learned early in his youth that he was Crown Prince, and that some day he would inherit the Macedonian throne." From the beginning, he had a very determined streak. When he was twelve years old a courier let Alexander know that his father had been victorious in a huge battle and Alexander complained that there was not going to be any battles for him to win. He was not very fond of sports, even though he was quite good at them; he did however, enjoy hunting. Alexander had many other qualities that were shown such as total self- confidence, cleverness, and courage. Philip, wanting Alexander to have the best education possible, paid Aristotle lots of money to tutor him. Later in years he would say that his father gave him life, however Aristotle...

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...omewhat. A couple days later, he was back to feeling as bad as he first had, and this pattern happened a couple times. On June 25th, he went into a coma, but he was still there. When someone asked who his kingdom would go to, he replied “to the strongest.” Alexander died on the 28th, not quite thirty-three years old yet. He believed he was all powerful, he never thought anything could ever kill him. “There are plenty of black marks to be placed against Alexander, and the list of his cruelties is long.” Alexander did some pretty terrible things in his lifetime, but he was also one of the most exceptionally young men to ever live, and he is someone who will never be forgotten. He did more to bring the world together than anyone ever could, and he was an enormous part historical process to allow development to happen.

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