Essay on Alexander Mann 's An Industry Leader

Essay on Alexander Mann 's An Industry Leader

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Industry Leader. Alexander Mann Solutions is currently an industry leader in Europe and would like to retain this title in the Americas, precisely in the United States. According to Pearce & Robinson (p.192, 2011), firms most often measure their success in the marketplace through the advantage they have over the competition. This advantage is not only viewed by measuring sales and market shares, but also through technology. With the constant change in technology, Alexander Mann Solutions always strive to be innovative in the delivery of their services. They utilize venues such as social media (Twitter, Facebook) in order to reach passive candidates as well as retain their interest. Alexander Mann Solution highly values authenticity and passion when delivering services to their clients. This unique drive has enabled the organization to grow its client base by twenty percent since its move to the United States in 2012.
Growth. Alexander Mann Solutions has an aggressive growth of being among the top 5 industry RPO leaders by 2020. This aggressive growth in the United States has been put in place in order to achieve the organization’s overall growth’s strategy, of being one of the best RPO providers globally. In order to achieve this goal, the organization has put in place short-term objectives to be met on a yearly basis.
Employee Development. Alexander Mann Solutions understands the importance of development employees as they are the future of the organization. Education and training is highly valued by employees because they provide a sense of security and personal accomplishment. According to Pearce & Robinson, (p.192, 2011), training employees not only increases productivity but it also decreases turnover. Alexander Mann Soluti...

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...and career progression. Employees are more willing to work hard if they see a reward. Finally cost can be controlled by Alexander Mann Solutions by doing a regular headcount assessment. Although difficult, it is imperative for the firm to assess headcount on each account as the business evolves.
Short and long term objectives are not always easy to be defined. However organizations can use specific strategies in order to ensure the success of these objectives. In order to be successful there are specific qualities each strategy must have. They must be flexible in order to accommodate unexpected changes; they must be suitable and understandable not only to the management team, but to the employees. There should be a clear connection between these objectives and the firm’s mission, vision and values in order for employees to be motivated in achieving the objectives.

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