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Campus Default: Excessive Drinking
The topic I have selected is alcohol abuse on college campus and how it differs at Saint Martins, which is a dry campus. Throughout my investigative report I will focus on WSU and a little bit of UW, as my non-dry schools and only Saint Martins University as my dry college campus. This wide range of schools in Washington will help me prove that having a dry campus is beneficial for schools.
Throughout the years there have been many incidents that schools such as WSU, UW show up in the newspaper or the rumors are spread about alcohol abuse on their campuses. Inlander reported a story about a students falling off a balcony in December of 2015. The student had a broken arm and some internal injuries. Quinn Western the reporter also stated that this was the fourth incident in that semester at Washington state university. She goes on to write “WSU went through a similar pattern a few years ago. The university saw an increase in drinking and drugs, and injuries as the result. Administrators put a task force in place, headed by then Health and Wellness Services Director Bruce Wright, with the goal of evaluating the programs in place and assessing what needs to be changed.” While they are trying to change the way the school is portrayed and they are getting help for the students that still does not change the facts. On this same report Quinn posted statistics and they are quite eye opening. For starters “Alcohol went from eight arrests in 2012 to zero in the residences, but on-campus in general only shifted from 168 to 147 arrests” (Quinn Western). It doesn’t stop there “Alcohol referrals in the residences increased from 224 to 240” (Quinn Western). This problem on the WSU campus is a glaring one.

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... campus, if we ever do have them compared to WSU or other big University we have less reports of hospital visits, the list goes on when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. One may argue that it’s because we are such a small school that we don’t drink or party. But students at saint martins do. We have had issues in the past of students being kicked off or suspended on sports teams for being caught on campus drinking. But at WSU they get a letter home to mom and dad and a slap on the wrist. The punishment at WSU isn’t enough to make students change their ways. And don’t get me wrong I completely understand that WUS is bigger and harder to manage, but I believe that is because they have never had core values and there is no one there to change the way WSU is viewed. It will always be viewed as a party school until someone comes in and makes more significant changes.

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