Air Pollution Within Hong Kong Essay

Air Pollution Within Hong Kong Essay

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Air Pollution in Hong Kong
Air pollution takes place when the air contains gases, fumes dust, or odor in dangerous sums. That means the quantities that may be injurious to the health of humans as well as animals and or may lead to damage to plants and other materials. The elements that cause air pollution are known as pollutants. Pollutants that are thrusted into the air and directly contaminate the air are known as primary pollutants. Primary contaminant examples are carbon monoxide from car dissipates and sulfur dioxide from the burning of coal. Further contamination of air can arise if primary pollutants in the air go through chemical reaction. The resultant compounds are known as secondary pollutants. One of the examples of secondary pollutants is photochemical smog. Air pollution can be as a result from both man and natural activities. Natural events that contaminate the air include forest fires, volcanic eruptions, wind erosion, pollen dispersal, evaporation of organic compounds and natural radioactivity. Pollution from natural incidences is not common. Air pollution in Hong Kong is perhaps the biggest issue facing the city and visibility is less than five miles for 30% of the year.
One of the leading causes of air pollution in Hong Kong is fumes from motor vehicles in the city. As Hong Kong moves from its outdated communist monetary system to a more market-based style, prices for virtually all goods as well as services have been unrestricted by the government and allowed to float liberally in the market. One of the few omissions to this vital transformation has been the price of fuel. Not only does the government control the price of fuel, but it also punishes anybody who vends gas above the ceiling. This cheap gas is pr...

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... plants and industrial heaters burn copious provisions of coal, using out-of-date and ineffective technology. This effectively leads to pollution of air in a massive way because impurities are let to float into the air and poison the air. They ought to be trapped and transformed into harmless elements before being released to the air.
In conclusion, Hong Kong has indeed suffered massive air pollution. This pollution is as a result of the activities of man while it can also be as a result of natural happenstances. Some of the leading air pollutants are fumes from motor vehicles, factories, aerosols and burning of coal. The leading causes of air pollution are man-made and as such, they can be prevented easily if at there is good will from those in power. It is perceptible that the administration needs to take critical steps in restoring the air quality in the city.

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