Essay about Agriculture Farming And Subsistence Farming

Essay about Agriculture Farming And Subsistence Farming

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There are many different types of agricultural practices in the world including both large scale factory farming and subsistence farming. One sustainable agriculture technique is called crop rotation. Crop rotation is when farmers grow different crops in succession right I the same exact field. The is a very powerful practice of sustainable agriculture. Another reason this is a powerful and important practice is because it avoids the consequences of putting the same exact plants in the soil throughout the future years to come. This method also is great because it prevents pests from messing with the crops because a lot of pests prefer to stick to using the same crops because it guarantees them a steady food supply. Rotation also reduces the pressure caused by the pests on all of the crops in the rotation by breaking reproductive pest cycles. Farmers can plant crops in rotations which replenish the plants nutrients, which reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. The government encourages farmers to use this farming practice of crop rotation. Another sustainable agriculture practice is called soil enrichment. Soil enrichment is the most valued element of agriculture ecosystems. Insects and microbes are usually killed by the use of pesticides. Good soil helps yields and makes crops less susceptible to pests. Abused soils usually require a lot more fertilization applications to produce high yields. The quality of soil can be enhanced in many different ways, such as leaving the residue of crops inside the field after harvest, plowing, or adding animal manure or composted plants. Another sustainable agriculture technique is called cover crops. Cover crops is when farmers have plants growing in the soil at all times because it hel...

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...asture composition. Mob grazing can 't be used every year growers with limited diversity in the operation, but it can be used a few times a year when growth is favored.

Organic gardening is when gardeners add organic matter to their soil using available resources; such as grass clippings, vegetable scraps, and decaying plants. Organic gardeners like organic gardening because they don 't have to use synthetic fertilizers or anything else that upsets the balance of the ecosystem such as herbicides.
To conclude, I think that organic gardening is the best out of all of the methods. I believe that it would be better if the world turned to organic farming because it would make us all healthier and it is more Eco friendly. We don 't want to put all of these chemicals and pesticides into our bodies. We should all turn to the most natural way of agricultural practices.

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