Essay about Aging And Learning How Your Life

Essay about Aging And Learning How Your Life

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Every day is a new day and with a new day we all are aging and learning how to embrace change. Do you ever wonder how your life will be when you age? Well there are only few people who are curious about aging and the rest are content with living their life as it is and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to know, but it could be very helpful to inform ourselves and the surrounding people of all the changes that will occur once we age. As my curiosity continues to expand I decided to continue with another course about gerontology and inform myself of the changes that I will face when I age. This course has allowed me to learn and be involved with the elderly and with this assignment it will help me get to know more people.

I recently got the opportunity to meet Daisy who is 93 years old; she is a white female. I met Mrs. Daisy through a friend who works with elderly people. Mrs. Daisy was born in West Virginia and she stated that her life was economically stable as she was growing up. She said, she did not consider herself poor because her family provided what she needed. Daisy said that the only thing they struggled with once in a while was with the electricity, but her grandfather was able to help and he was actually one of the few who helped bring electricity to their small west Virginia town. Mrs. Daisy was able to attend school and she graduated high school in the 11th grade. Mrs. Daisy started working when she was 15 years old and she made three dollars a day modeling. Although, Mrs. Daisy life was stable her own parents had their arguments once in a while. Her father did not like them attending church but her mother still took them even though there were arguments among her family. Yet, she is very pleased that her life...

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...rception of older adults used to be very different, I always thought older people were boring and that they were very strict and serious. Instead, I was very wrong about older people. They are actually the best people to talk to and be around with. With Mrs. Daisy it was great experience to get to know her because I learn so much, since she has done a lot with her life. Ever since I started learning more about older people it has made me appreciate life more and it makes me want to do everything I can to prepare for my future for when I age. I want to age wisely and gracefully like Mrs. Daisy, I want to have good health and feel alive like she is now. Overall, I loved doing this interview because I got to learn new things and I met someone new. I hope to continue learning about the elderly and find ways to help my community, especially my family members who are aging.

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