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Introduction One branch of psychology is known as lifespan psychology, which is the study of the development of humans from birth until death. The study of a person’s lifespan is used to help other people overcome their developmental challenges through learning about how others deal with the various stages of development. According to Robert S. Feldman (2017) “lifespan development examines the way in which people develop physically, intellectually, and socially.” (p. 1) One of the best sources on how to get through a developmental period in life is to ask someone who has already gone through that phase. Therefore, Linda Peevely agreed to answer a few questions about the different stages she has gone through in her 77 years of life. Result…show more content…
According to Linda, education was an important matter in her home growing up. Her parents wanted their children not only to achieve an education but to master it. Linda’s said the she recalled her mother reading to her and her siblings every night when they went to bed when she was younger, and she mentioned that both of her parents would help with any homework questions that they had. In her adolescent years, Linda said, “my life was boring and uneventful compared to what kids do these days.” Throughout all of her childhood, Linda mentioned not being able to remember doing anything but going to school, doing homework, and coming home to work on the farm. She said that there was no time for sports or social events, that things needed to be done around the home. However, Linda mentioned that “on Sundays, after church, we went to grandmas to eat and we would get to go swimming in the creek behind her house”. Linda also mentioned that she sometimes stayed with her grandmother, and one of the activities they did together were some hobbies like knitting, Crocheting, and sewing. In the summers in their free time in the evenings the Doll family would sit in the yard and watch the sunset and look at the stars as a…show more content…
These domains include physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. Throughout the interview Linda Peevely shared stories about her life that support the claims that all three domains are important in the development of people. “Physical development includes both growth and ability to use muscles and body parts for particular skills. Both gross and fine motor skills contribute to physical development…” (“The Importance,” 2013). Some examples of Physical development in Linda’s life would be when she learned to walk, talk, read and even write. According to Feldman (2017), he describes that physical development examines “the way in which the body’s makeup…helps determine behavior.” (p. 4) One instance in Linda’s life where her physical development helped shape her overall development, was when she would stay with her grandmother where she learned to Crochet and knit. Crocheting and knitting require the development of fine motor skills that require a lot of concentration and patience. In learning, how to do these hobbies Linda taught herself self-control and patience that she can use in all situations of her life. Another developmental domain includes Cognitive development, which is “development involving the way that growth and change in intellectual capabilities influence a person’s behaviors.” (Feldman, 2017, p. 4) A child’s cognitive

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