African Americans ' Struggle For Equality Against Racism Essay

African Americans ' Struggle For Equality Against Racism Essay

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African Americans’ struggle for equality against racism.
African Americans in the US struggled to get equality from the racist Southerners. From 1877-1920, African Americans battled against white southerns and the government for equal justice. This group of people faced challenges to gain a better life for themselves and for their families. Through many years of hard struggle of inequality, African Americans started to fight back to gain justice and equality. A few African Americans spoke out for the black community against white people that they should be considered equal. The book For The Record and America give specific detail of Africa American struggle for equality against racism in America.
In America the fight for equality for African Americans started during the Civil War. The Civil war was a battle between the northern and southern states. The North fought for freedom for African American states. The South fought for slavery. The white southerns believed that the Civil war was not fought for slavery, but to bring together the white north and the white south. This was called The Myth of the Lost Clause. The end of the Civil War was the beginning of the battle for African American equality.
After the Civil war life for Africa Americans became worse. In 1860 the KKK emerges which started more problems for African Americans in the South. With the beginning of the KKK started white only primary’s. White southerns used violence more specifically lynching to put people in place. They targeted African Americans that raped white women even if they committed the crime or not. In the book For The Record there is a small passage called Lynch Law in America written by Ida B. Wells informs the reader with a staggering number that, “...

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... idea. This was a change for America.
The Harlem Renaissance was the shaping of the “New Negro.” African Americans became optimistic and confident. They began to change white stereotypes throughout the nation. The new African American was different and wanted equality among whites and blacks.
One of the most dominate figures during this time was Marcus Garvey. He wanted to unify all black people and create a government just for black people. He wanted African American to be separate from whites. Marcus Garvey wanted the African American community to be independent from whites.
In America African American struggled to get equality from the whites. African American people were being segregated and discriminated for many years. The life for black people was harsh and cruel for many decades. The battle for equality was a difficult for the black people to achieve.

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