Essay about Advertisement Of The Arkansas Wild Magazine

Essay about Advertisement Of The Arkansas Wild Magazine

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Advertisement can be seen across the world almost anywhere and about anything. Some places where people can find advertisements in the newspapers, in the magazines, and on the web. The use for the advertisement is so businesses can launch their names and products as much as possible, since more and more businesses are in competition against each other. For example, the ad in the Arkansas Wild magazine is supposed to make the business Crain RV stand out to customers. The setting of the advertisement, the colors of the setting, and the design of the logo and words that are used in the business Crain RV’s advertisement would make most people pause on to look at the advertisement.
The setting is very important for this particular advertisement. The main setting is set around the fall season, where the sun is starting to set in the west for the night, and a few clouds are clearing up above the grassy, wooded mountain tops. An RV is sitting on top of a man-made dirt pad, surrounded by mowed green grass, and located near the woods and on top or around some mountains. In front of the RV, four members of a family are enjoying themselves, without cell phones, by perfectly lite wood in a fire pit. Due to the weather the family members are all bundled up in light jackets and long sleeved shirts. A young girl, who is probably about five years old, and her mother, who is squatting down at the girl’s height, are giving each other a nice, big hug goodnight. The dad, who has a leg propped up on another, is sitting in a fold up chair next to the mom and daughter and smiling at the two of them. The son, who is most likely a teenager, is sitting in a fold up chair next to his dad, eating an apple, and also watching the mother and daughter. To most ...

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...n the effort to grab the attention of its audience. Yes, sales are great, but the setting in the business’ ad really showed that family and memories are priceless. Since this advertisement is in an Arkansas magazine, the colors of the setting help give a good example of what people may see on a trip to Arkansas, and the colors of the setting really help the business’ product stand out as well. The logo has perfect representation of where an RV can take its owners. The words at the top of the page are very inspiring to people who may want to buy an RV, and the words at the bottom were super informational and easy to read. The business did very good with setting up this advertisement in the Arkansas Wild magazine; people who are looking to buy an RV, who see this article, probably would contact or stop by business to see what RV would be fit for their “new journey.”

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