The Advantages of Homeschool Essay

The Advantages of Homeschool Essay

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The American public education system has many flaws and deficiencies. Issues range from academic to financial crisis. John Tayler Gatto even contemplates whether compulsory schooling is a benefit or a detriment in his essay “Against School.” According to him, school-based education hinders and restricts students’ wit and creativity. He insists that schools have failed to offer proper education. For him, instead of the “long-term, cell-block-style, forced confinement” as means of education, “autonomy” should be the basis and foundation of learning (301). There are ways to utilize this autonomy; home-based instruction or homeschooling offers a flexible and versatile curriculum that frees students in primary and secondary levels from the clutches of school.
Unlike the traditional schooling wherein students attend classes five days a week at a particular environment, homeschool prompts students to learn at home. In homeschool, the “responsibility” of students’ education lies on their parents or trustworthy tutors; a parent or a private tutor replaces instructors and teachers. The level of difficulty and the amount of time given in teaching each subjects are “solely dependent” on each students’ own learning capacity and intellectual progress instead on policies and schedules established by the public government or a private organization (Miser 10). Requirements and regulations in homeschooling vary depending on the state; some states have sterner guidelines than others. Nonetheless, homeschool is legal in all states, and homeschooled students are accepted for college admissions “as long as [parents] comply with state requirements” (47).
Homeschool proposes extensive beneficial effects regarding students’ academic progress. First, it u...

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...d creative acquisition. In conclusion, it creates an educational environment wherein learning is neither preserved in a classroom nor reserved for the “average” student but acquired everywhere and intended for “individual” learners.

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