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Many Americans do not question the credibility of the education system within the country because they believe it forms good citizens and creates a stepping-stone to success. John Taylor Gatto is an American teacher who has experience in the classroom for thirty years and has now devoted his life to critiquing American schools exploiting his own experiences. In his essay “Against School”, he argues that the 12-year system of school may not be necessary, due to its curriculum, and that it may be a tactic of manipulation from the government to promote obedience. I agree with his argument because there are many paths to individual success outside of public education, such as homeschooling or vocational school. Gatto begins his argument with a personal account from when he was going through school as a student. He began falling into the “routine thinking” of school, where he was bored and felt unsatisfied with what he was learning. His Grandfather stated, that if [he] was bored, it was [his] fault and no one else 's. The obligation to amuse and instruct [himself] was entirely on [his] own” (Gatto, 115). Gatto reflects on his…show more content…
As a student I can relate to a lot of the same feelings as Gatto such as feeling bored within the classroom. Thomas Edison stated, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”. This supports Gatto’s concept of schooling vs. education. Before I decided to be homeschooled, I often felt as if I had no challenge within the curriculum. I fit with Gatto’s concept of “defying customs” (Gatto,115) when I decided to take that route. I took initiative to truly learn and retain information that I would not have paid attention to in school. I began excelling past my peers and graduated early which shows that the routine education schedule is not necessary in order to be

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