Essay about Advantages Of Being A Resident Assistant

Essay about Advantages Of Being A Resident Assistant

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What do you feel are the advantages and the disadvantages of being a Resident Assistant?
An advantage for me being an RA is to get to engage with students in my hall and around campus in a capacity that I wish to as a counselor. I will get to encourage students to be their best academically and otherwise and help enable them to do so. I 'll also get to be a leader and develop skills in encouraging community and relationships, organize and oversee activities for those relationships and growth, model that independence and cooperatively, and learn to better handle conflict in a possible high stress situation. All of this is very useful for my desired future profession and are things I have a passion for.
I can imagine a disadvantage of being an RA is being on call whenever my residents would need me, including in the middle if the night. I can see how that would challenge me and would require and help me develop patience and empathy for other people and whatever they 're dealing with.
What qualities does an effective leader possess? How does this apply to you?
I think an effective leader is passionate and empathetic and able to understand the people they leading. Also, a leader is someone with the skills to handle stress and the adaptability to handle new conflicts in life or with other people. A leader encourages those they 're leading to be the best they can be, in whatever capacity that means for the group and the individual, and helps to enable them to do so while not encouraging total dependence on the leader but encouraging individual responsibility as well as group collaboration and team work. A leader is able to work with the group and not against the group to facilitate change and share responsibility. Of course no leade...

... middle of paper ... well as develop healthy relationships with my residents to build a supportive community and atmosphere on campus. This kind of community, students in a college in the same vicinity with so many people of our own age, is an amazing once in a life time opportunity for students to build relationships and make friends and connections that enhance their life and college experience. I have skills needed to do this, want to improve and further those skills as well as gain new ones that I think this position can help me with, and want to work with other staff - as a fellow leader - who also have a passion for other people and students.
Have you ever been subject to any disciplinary issues while attending Lindsey Wilson College?
No, I have not been subject to any disciplinary issues while attending Lindsey Wilson College.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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