Personal Narrative: Becoming A Resident Advisor

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“So, when I didn’t get it my next goal was to get it.” Adrianna stated with a gleam in her eyes, as if the thought of rejection was motivation to move forward. Apart from being involved in housing, a few clubs and programs she has done has been Key Club as well as being a discussion leader for Undecided and Undeclared. It was becoming a discussion leader that led her to want to focus her intention to becoming a Resident Advisor specifically for students under Undecided/Undeclared majors. “I identify as one as well, so when I was applying my second time I was a lot more intentional to when I was applying to that sort of audience.” Adrianna, is currently a triple major in Criminology, Law and Society, Political Science, and Education. Her second…show more content…
There a few international students that I still haven’t interreacted enough to remember,” Adrianna says, as she is walking towards the UCI baseball field that is a 10-minute walk from Ondas. She is wearing a navy-blue baseball shirt that says “Anteaters” in cursive. This is her first UCI baseball game, but she is her to support three of her residents. “I am going to snapchat the whole game so they can know that I went.” Throughout the game as there was multiple strokes and home runs, Adrianna would record these memorable moments, and when it was her resident’s turn to pitch or bat she would zoom with her phone and record…show more content…
They know when the RA puts in the effort in a program or not. “He was pretty cool and chill, but he didn’t do a lot of activities for us.” Maria, a former resident in Middle Earth, states as she reflects when she lived in the dorms her first year and thinks about her own Resident Advisor, Ed. “For example, during Mother’s day he gave us just pens and told us to make a bouquet out of it. I always had class and couldn’t make most of them anyway. I still liked him.” That is a predicament that many Resident Advisors face, making a program where their residents go, and estimating how many will go or
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