Advanced Technologies in Ancient China and Egypt

Advanced Technologies in Ancient China and Egypt

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Egypt is a place where the climate is dry and hot with little rainfall and most areas of Egypt is covered up by a desert. However, the Nile River that runs across Egypt flooded every year so that the Egyptians were able to build up their crops to build food surpluses. On the other hand, China contained deserts, forests, and mountains and many of the Chinese adapted to the environment by building up irrigation systems, fishing, and building up crops. Although Ancient Egypt and Ancient China stood in two different places, their technology in mostly industrial, agriculture, and weapons had similarities and differences.
The industrial technology in Ancient Egypt and Ancient China has a similarity in paper but there were a more significant number of differences, which are the money system and printing. The biggest similarity in the industrial technology between Ancient Egypt and Ancient China was paper. Although the similarity was that both civilizations were able create paper, the way and how it was made were different. In Ancient Egypt, paper, also known as ‘papyrus’ was made out beaten strips of papyrus plant. On the other hand, the paper that was made in Ancient China was not made out of papyrus plant or wood pulp. Instead the Chinese first made paper out of hemp fiber and silk but found the quality to be far from satisfactory so, in 105 A.D, paper with worn fishnet, bark, and cloth. These materials were essay to find and the cost of processing paper out of materials were much cheaper than making paper out of hemp fiber and silk.
The first difference in the industrial technology between Ancient Egypt and Ancient China was the money system in both civilizations. One of the greatest technologies that Ancient China made was the paper money also known as ‘flying money’ was made in the ninth century A.D. In Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians did not use paper money but instead people bought goods with food such as wheat, oil, and olive oil. And as they developed, coins also became part of Ancient Egypt’s money system. The second difference in industrial technology between Ancient China and Ancient Egypt was printing. Around 600 A.D., the Chinese invented a fix-type engraved printing also known as ‘block printing’. Although it was hard looking for errors and were not easy to store by using this ‘block printing’, it still helped Ancient Chinese civilization to have a head start in printing.

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In Ancient Egypt, there was no such thing as a printing system. The scribes were responsible to write by hand and it took a long time for the scribes to finish. In conclusion, the similarity in industrial technology between Ancient Egypt and Ancient China was papermaking and the two differences were the money system and printing. Although the distance between these two civilizations are far, some of the industrial technology resulted into similarities and differences.
Agriculture plays a very big role in any civilization since it provides them a large amount of food surplus. In the technology used in agriculture, the two similarities between Ancient Egypt and Ancient China were the domestication of animals and how the people planted their crops. The one difference of the technology used in agriculture between the two civilizations was the water system for their crops. The domestication of animals was a huge part of any civilization and in some parts of the world still is important. To the Ancient Egyptians, animals helped them with jobs such as trampling in the seeds, pulling the plow, eating unwanted wheat or grains and most of all provided the Egyptians a sufficient amount of food surpluses. Although Egypt is a dry and hot place where there is little rainfall, the mainly domesticated animals such as cattle, sheep, geese and others provided enough food surpluses even when the Nile River flooded or it was hot and dry. On the other hand, the Ancient Chinese people mainly domesticated cattle and used them for the same purposes as the Ancient Egyptians but mainly for plowing their crops and building up their food surpluses.

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