Adult Learner Is Not The Correct Path For Everyone Essay

Adult Learner Is Not The Correct Path For Everyone Essay

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Students differ in shape, size, color, and age. From kindergarten to college, many students are expected to follow a linear educational path regardless of life obstacles and other hindrances. Unfortunately, judgmental and oppressive eyes often intercept any deviation from this path. Lailah Gifty Akita once said, “You are never old to begin self-seeking.” A college education immediately after high school is not the correct path for everyone, as adult students have taken a rise in the collegiate atmosphere. This increase has intrinsically changed career options locally and globally.
An adult learner is anyone in a college or university 25 years old or older. Often, adults decide to enroll in upper level education to develop their financial merit. It’s an investment into themselves in hopes of an profitable gain. Examples of this would be individuals going back to school in order to get additional training for a specific job requirement. This can also be use inversely to evade losing a job. The list of work-correlated reasons for going back to school is extensive, from emotional and en...

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