Benefits Of Going To College Essay

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After high school what is next? Many recently high school graduates decide about attending college. Although there are downsides such as student debt, stress and anxiety, failure ,overall, attaining a college degree is beneficial because it offers financial stability, helps out the community, more job opportunities, can also be a positive role model to others, and you can follow your dreams of becoming what you have always wanted. Attending college is beneficial for both , student and community. Earning a college degree helps in the community in various ways. For example, if going to college helps in earning more knowledge, it can also help outside of school wise. An example would be that a person with a college degree has the ability to have more employment anywhere you go. Today…show more content…
If earning a college degree can get you financially stabled, cause you good stress, and make you into a role model to others, then it can also get you to follow your dream. When I mean by dream, I mean that by going to college you have the decisions to become what you have always wanted. You can become a police officer, lawyer, computer engineer, business man, etc. Everybody has a dream to become something, and you have the chance to make a difference by going to college and getting a degree. In college you have the opportunities to study your interest, explore your interests, and even develop furthermore about it. In high school it was all about what they taught you, now in college it is about what you want to learn. Peter F. Burns’ Success In College, he states that colleges provide an excellent venue to explore your intellectual curiosity. He is right, because college does provide you with many choices to explore many other things. With a college degree, you get the opportunities of many employments, that will offer you many
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