Adoption Of The Adoption System Essay

Adoption Of The Adoption System Essay

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The Adoption System Needs To Be Fixed Today!
Sad, droopy, homeless kids go through their whole lives waiting for someone to adopt and love them. “There are millions of infants and young children who are in need of nurturing homes. Many of these children are living in the streets or institutions where they will likely grow up with serious depression or possibly die” (Bartholet 1). A lot of these children could have a safe home to live in if only more people were willing to go through the lengthy and expensive adoption process. If America had a better adoption system, adults would be more willing to adopt these poor kids. Currently, America’s adoption system is extremely corrupt and needs to make some changes as to how the system works, or the number of people willing to adopt will continue to decrease. If we do not put a stop to how things are being done, there will be more homeless children in the world. Even though the adoption system helps adults start a family and helps some children find homes, there are flaws in the system that need to be dealt with to help out those children who are not getting adopted.
When it comes to adopting a minor there are several approaches a person may take. Many people go down the legal path, adopting through foster homes, infant adoption, second parent adoption and international adoption. Through some of these agencies they offer different ways to adopt such as transracial adoption, which is “adopting a child of a different race”(Brodzinsky and Pinderhughes). Other forms of adoption are open and closed, which determine if the birth mother is able to see her child or not after giving them up. Typically, when someone chooses the legal path, they adopt the white healthy babies, leaving the transr...

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...ens “if a foster parent is fostering a child and ends up wanting to adopt that child, the state will pay for the adoption process. If someone wants to go through something such as infant adoption it could cost them between $25,000 and $45,000. International adoption is a little spendier process with kids ranging between $30,000 and $50.000, since the kids have to come from overseas.” So one may ask, if adopting a child through foster care is government funded, why not take the easy route? Well adopting through the foster system is not as easy as it may seem. First, foster parents must get licenced and then have to get a kid that they would like to adopt. After kids stay with them, they could possibly be taken away after a while or finally they will be able to adopt them. No matter what route someone takes, there will be some kind of expense that they will have to pay.

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