Essay about Addictive Behaviors And Mental Health Issues

Essay about Addictive Behaviors And Mental Health Issues

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Social Media V.S. Addictive Behaviors and Mental Health Issues
Public Health has many different sections of information regarding the community and individuals; the first two sections that I have examined are the Principles of Population Health and the Tools of Population Health. Within the two sections I was able to gather an understanding of both, but after reading I was left with a question. In regards to public health, can excessive use of social media contribute to addictive behaviors or mental health issues? As I look back on my notes I realized that there are many possibilities that can link what I have read and what I have experienced in my life together to this problem.
In the reading I found that I was intrigued by how much information I didn’t know about the Public Health system. The first thing that stopped me in my tracks was the information regarding the Five Basic Questions to the Evidence Based Approach (Riegelman, 2014). I found this information to be interesting because it has a whole process to it that works step-by-step to find a conclusion that results in how a community can help fix the problem at hand. The next piece of information that made me think was the case-control studies. I have always been interested in the cause and effect ever since I took psychology. It was different to see that there was a study that is solely related to the establishment of the cause in its association with effect at an individual level (Riegelman, 2014). I enjoyed reading about the idea of health literacy, as I never really knew there was such thing as a literacy pertaining to the realm of ones health. Having read through the definition and what it means to be literate I definitely understand how important it is to public he...

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...lieve that their public health knowledge would benefit greatly. If my siblings were to become more rounded with the things they do they would be less likely to have risk-taking attitudes and not find themselves in situation where they do not know what to do.
Overall I believe that excessive use of social media can lead to addictive behaviors as well as mental health issues. I’ve seen it first hand with my siblings becoming more apt to send strangers messages and talk to them constantly as well as losing their day by spending it on their electronics. What I want for not only my siblings, but also my friends and all people is for everyone to appreciate life like people did before technology started taking over our lives. What’s important isn’t on a screen, its right in front of you, and if you can’t take the time to look up you will be doing yourself a disservice.

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