The Achievements of Royal Navy Leader John Fisher Essay

The Achievements of Royal Navy Leader John Fisher Essay

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“Hit first, hit hard, and keep on hitting”, this was Sir John’s Fisher policy, and it was the reason behind his success [Massie]. John Fisher was a British Admiral who was responsible for many great victories and great the great shift of the system of the Navy. The British Navy has been always been considered to be the strongest navy through the world history, and it has been successful since it was established. The Royal Navy was considered to have that position due to its advanced weapons, good machinery, powerful men, and most importantly the Admirals who led the fleet. The Royal Navy has seen many British Admirals, but Sir John Fisher was the person responsible for the great shift of equipping and building huge battle ships that defended Britain and maintained a powerful Navy.
Born in Sri Lanka, on 25 January 1841, John Fisher started from his youth and dedicated his life to the service of his country [Jackie]. Fisher had a round face [Massie]. He was energetic, but still clever. Fisher was a religious man who attended church regularly [Massie]. He was a man who also attended many services, but was still careful in expressing religious views [1st Baron]. Fisher feared the public eye since attention might affect his professional career [1st Baron]. Fisher was a highly skilled dancer, and was also known for charming many women throughout his life [1st Baron]. John Fisher suffered from sea sickness throughout his life [1st Baron]. "Anyone who opposes me, I crush"[1st Baron]. He stopped having patience with people who oppose him as he grew older. His first day in the military was not very pleasant. He witnessed a lot of injuries and penalties for those who did not follow the rules of the Navy [Massie]. Due to all of these cons...

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