Case Study Antwone Fisher

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Antwone serves as a Petty Officer in the United States Navy. He is single and heterosexual, with no children. Antwone was referred to the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation, after pleading guilty to assault on a superior, non-commissioned officer. As a result of his physical aggression, he was demoted from ships serviceman Petty Officer, third class, to ships serviceman Seaman. Antwone has a history of physical aggression and poor impulse control. Antwone was referred for three sessions of psychiatry service for assessment of physical aggression, anger management, and supportive treatment. At the end of treatment, a recommendation by Dr. Davenport will be submitted to Antwone’s commanding officer, for the purpose of determining reinstatement to active duty. Antwone sees no need for evaluation and states that the cause of physical assault was a result of racial remarks by the victim. Antwone’s attitude towards fighting is stated in his words, “It’s the only way some people learn.” Antwone is currently in the later adolescent psychosocial crisis stage of intimacy vs. isolation, the development task that must be completed are…show more content…
Born in a woman 's correctional facility, abandoned by his convict mother and his father murdered two months before his birth, Fisher was raised in the abusive home of a storefront preacher and his wife where he was beaten and sexually abused on a regular basis. Abandoned by friends, family and caregivers, Fisher turned to the Navy for a sense of both himself and family; a goal put in jeopardy by his frequent outbursts of violence. Through his relationship with Dr. Davenport and his girlfriend Cheryl, he was able to gain the release of Oxytocin in order to form attachment and feel a sense of safety and security for his brain to heal and develop a healthy bond and

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