The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Essay

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Essay

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Movies have been around for over a 100 years. They have become a pastime in America culture, where people can forget about their lives for 2 hours, and become engulfed in the movie world. Some films are groundbreaking and deserve to be recognized, while others just entertain. In order to credit the films which people believed were the best of the year, an award show was created. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also known as the oscars, has been around for 88 years. The prestigious award show gives trophies out to the movies they deem the best of the year. The oscars is the award actors and actresses sought after. To them the trophy is held with a high honor. Once a person wins an oscar, they know they made it big. Since the show is so respected and put on such high grounds, people could not believe the oscars would skip over nominating African Americans. Not all secrets though, can be hidden forever. When the award show first came out, there wasn’t the internet to call them out and find the patterns. Light was shed on how the academy only nominates African Americans when they are playing a stereotype. Legendary actors like Will Smith and his wife refused to attend the show because they were tired of never being nominated for playing original non-stereotypical characters. The issue has always been huge, but this year was the first year the problem became so talked about. With only a handful of African Americans winning the award, it was easy to spot the stereotyping. The oscars, an award show who used to be watched with respect, is now receiving heat for not nominating African Americans actors two years in a row. And when they do get recognized for their talent it is for playing a slave, maid, drug addict or dealer,...

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...r chase, where explosions happened every few minutes. Meanwhile Straight Outta Compton told the real life story of how the rap group NWA came to be and dealt with the racist acts from cops and authority figures. The film deals with other deeper issues such as manipulation, the aids epidemic, and how stardom can go through a person’s head, all while showing how the rap group became one of the most influential groups in the 90s. The group gave black people a voice. The inspiring story was beat out of an oscar nomination, but a movie that has cool explosions and fast cars won over 10 oscars. Many of these films will be forgotten overtime. Who can even remembers past winners such as The Artist or The King’s Speech? These movies had no impact on society or served any real purpose. They didn’t move the audience with its story, it simply existed and soon will be forgotten.

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