The Film Industry In The 1920s

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After four hard years of fighting, Canadians celebrated the end of the Great War. Many returned to the country early in 1919, only to be brought down by the lack of employment and other disappointments. However, slowly, good times returned back to Canada, as the country ushered into a new era known as the “Roaring Twenties”. Many Canadians participated in the good life as the wealthy, as well as average families had more money to spend. Economic prosperity and technological advances brought Canadians pleasure to their lives. Canadians tuned in to their radios, used the automobile, cheered for their home sports teams, followed new fashion trends, listened to the same music and did the same dances. In addition, the 1920s marked the growth of movies as Canadians packed theatres to watch their favourite stars. The 1920s were one of the most important and revolutionary times for the film industry. During this decade, the film industry went through massive changes that would completely change what movies were or stood for. After the Great War, more people began considering movies as a form of entertainment. This increased attention caused change in the industry, allowing the experience of the movie goer to massively change for the better. Many new genres, ideas and technologies emerged in the 1920s that would later dominate the industry. The 1920s saw massive changes happening in the movie industry that would help it to get one step closer to what it is today. The decade was largely dominated by silent films, but the creation of movies with sound followed afterwards. These innovations greatly improved the movies and made them more immersive and exciting for the viewer. Soon after the invention of sound in movies, the silent era movies... ... middle of paper ... film pioneers include Jack Warner, born in London, Ontario and co-founder of the Warner Brothers, and Louis B Mayer, a major Hollywood personality from New Brunswick. Even though the industry was taken by Hollywood, there have been a lot of Canadians that have greatly contributed to the industry and has influenced the industry. Hollywood has affected Canadian lifestyles in a lot of ways, most notably in fashion. For example, women began wearing pants after actress Markebe Dietrich began wore them on screen. Undershirts also lost its trend as Clark Gable appeared on screen without one. Not only did the industry changed how people dressed, but it also changed how Canadians live, going to Hollywood to work and pursue their careers. The film industry has greatly influenced the lives back then and even now, from producers, script writers, famous actors, and many more.

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