Academic Success Is Not Good For Children Essay

Academic Success Is Not Good For Children Essay

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Mahat Baniya-5

Stressing academic success is not good for children
Every parent has their own way of caring and nurturing their children. There are different societies in which we live in, and they have their peculiar way of developing kids. Chinese mothers are the one who gives a maximum attention to their children, and at the same time, they demand humongous result from their children. They are often labeled as a strict parent who wants 100% result for their child under given circumstances. Does the strong nature of Chinese mothers help their kids in succeeding? Is it good to give such huge amount of pressure to the kids? What is the current scenario on how various societies implement parenting? Looking at all these speculations, the topic" stressing academic success is not good for children" has become an interesting argument. Parent 's need to understand that enforcing strict behavior can undermine the child-parent relationship. Stressing academic success is not good for children because it affects adolescent 's well-being, teaches kids to bully, and makes them unsocial.
The books can not solely achieve the acquisition of knowledge. By isolating a child from outdoor activities may not be a standard way of focusing him/her towards education. Time has changed, and technology has developed. In this age, an education is not limited only to an academic knowledge and a successful people doesn 't necessarily only have academic eligibility. As Kolbert summarizes, "Chua 's rules for the girls includes no sleepovers, no playdates, no grade lower than A on report cards, no choos...

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...ore things help to carve their image and their existence.
Education is the reason why human call themselves as the great living being on the Earth. The thing that may define your past, carve your future and to many people, it acts as a seed of self-revelation cannot be induced by fear and pressure. It subconsciously generates an air of disinterest to it. The negative emotion should not carry a subject which can redefine your existence and which can create a whole new individual out of you. In conclusion, parents should act liberal and fierce at the same time. Parents play an important part in shaping up the future of children. The academic achievement is an important aspect of a children 's life, but it is not the complete element that the child inherits. So, parents should understand the importance and guide their children in an efficient manner.

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