Essay about Abuse of Authority

Essay about Abuse of Authority

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If Soldiers and leaders adhered to the Army Values and the Leadership Requirements Model, many ethical dilemmas that Noncommissioned Officers face on a daily basis would not occur. In the Army today, Soldiers constantly discuss values and leadership, unfortunately not everyone takes them seriously. The abuse of authority and command influence sometimes displayed by leaders puts subordinates into ethical dilemmas. Often, command influence will challenge the Loyalty, Duty, Respect, and Honor values that a leader attempts to live by. There are times when adhering to and living the Army Values results in Soldiers and leaders facing ethical dilemmas with their superior(s). Introduction An Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms (2010), defines Army Ethic as, “The moral values, principles, and martial virtues embedded in its culture that inspire and regulate behavior by both Soldiers and the U.S. Army in the application of land combat in defense of and service to the Nation” (p.12). Army Values and ethos in the Soldiers Creed, and Creed of the Non Commissioned Officer provide the foundation of Army Ethic. The Army creates and establishes regulations, policies, standards, and guidelines that serve as the basis for controlling the behavior, and administration of the institution. When a standard that contradicts an established policy or regulation occurs, Soldiers and leaders must take appropriate action to address the issue. The action taken by a Soldier is living the Army value of duty. Out of respect, leaders will confer with their superior(s) for guidance, as well as keeping him or her abreast of a situation. Unfortunately, the guidance and command influence provided by that superior will contradict what a Soldier and l...

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... Soldiers and leaders to live the Army Values. Moreover, leaders need to demonstrate the attributes and competencies outlined in the Leadership Requirements Model. Leaders must lead by example and develop subordinates and organizations with the Army Values and Leadership Requirements Model as a foundation for their behavior. Subsequently, when leaders do not live the Army Values and achieve the leadership attributes, it often results in a dilemma. Most leaders live the Army values on a daily basis. There are times when Soldiers and leaders will face ethical dilemmas while living the Army Values due to their superior(s) command influence. This pressure and directive style of leadership is an abuse of authority.

Works Cited

Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE), Combined Arms Center, TRADOC. (2010) An Army white paper: the profession of arms, (p. 12).

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