Essay about Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Essay about Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has the amount of historical accuracy as one would expect of an action movie about vampires- sadly, that is not very much. In this movie, it’s not enough that Abraham Lincoln saved the union: he also had to defeat an army of vampires, and singlehandedly win the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, although it might be appealing to a die-hard action fanatic, is not recommended for the average history-buff who wants an accurate display of Abraham Lincoln’s life, his presidency, or the war.
The movie opens with a black couple, who were previously free, being carted away. Their son, William H. Johnson, yells and fights the slave owner, causing the man to turn his whip on William. Young Abraham Lincoln feels obligated to help William, not only because the two are friends, but because he clearly finds slavery immoral. As the slave-owner begins whipping both of them, Abraham’s mother, Nancy, runs to the boys’ aid, screaming abolitionist slogans. This scene is supposed to show the viewer that Abraham grew up in an anti-slavery household, and he was willing to put his life at risk in order to protect a slave. This scene also demonstrates that Lincoln was destined to be in history books from the beginning. From here, Lincoln and Johnson are life-long friends. This is the first inaccuracy, and it is only thirty seconds into the movie. In reality, Lincoln and Johnson did not meet until the early 1860’s, and even then, Johnson was only hired as a personal servant for Lincoln (Pegoda). This scene serves to romanticize Abe into a perfect man with perfect ideas on equality, when really, he and his ideas were far from perfect. It is important to remember that Lincoln was a product of society in the 1800’s, ...

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...mother, vampires murdered Abraham’s son, and, worst of all, vampires were responsible for the rise of enslavement in the south. Blaming vampires for slavery takes the responsibility away from the South and the United States- where it belongs. “Slavery was our national sin…the nation sucked the blood out of Africans for its wealth” (Sneed). Society today needs to realize that slavery did happen, and it is something that America is guilty of. Hollywood needs to stop deterring the blame away from American ancestors, and realize that slavery was considered normal in the 1700’s.
If one can look at it for what it is- an over-the-top action movie, with blood, guts, and gore - then Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter might be watchable, and possibly even decent. However, if one cannot get past the historical inaccuracies, and poor themes, it is advised that you don’t watch it.

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