Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Analysis

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Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter

One of the greatest men to walk this earth was our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. As we all know Lincoln achieved many attributes in his time. Some of his most famous achievements include: signing off on the Emancipation Proclamation, giving numerous speeches like the Inaugural Address and Gettysburg Address, and ending one of the most brutal battles in history: the Civil War. What we weren’t taught in class or through reading history books was that Lincoln became a unique type of hunter that killed vampires while on his road to presidency. It wasn’t until 2012, when director Tim Bekmambetov turned the novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter into a film that Lincoln fans began to see him as more than a great President, but also a vampire hunter. According to Mike Scott in his review about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the film “re-imagines our 16th president as a secret, ax-wielding slayer of bloodsuckers” (Mike Scott). The movie is not meant to be a documentary, it’s rather an action packed bloody mess. Furthermore, while the film doesn’t hit all of the highlights of Lincoln’s life, it rewrites history just a little bit.
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He is of great importance not just in American history, but world history as well. So why not create misconceptions with the public and portray him as a vampire hunter? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter originally began as a novel by Seth-Grahame Smith and was a people pleaser when it hit the shelves in 2010. Bekmambetov took the opportunity to make the biographical action horror mash-up and turn it into a film. In an interview with writer Seth-Grahame Smith, Smith stated: “I wrote it with an eye towards pleasing the people who love history and the people who love horror. I wanted it to deliver on both levels. At least that’s what I endeavored to do.” (Smith) Lincoln is an iconic figure in American history that has been depicted in numerous different
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