Abortions Are Inhumane Essay

Abortions Are Inhumane Essay

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Abortions have been a controversial issue for years. Many states have banned abortions after so long in the gestational age. There are reasons for abortions I can understand, but I just don’t agree. Abortions are an inhumane way to take life God has gifted to us.
Sadly, there are many surprising numbers when it comes to abortions. According to Operation Rescue, “there are approximately 1.21 million abortions in America each year.” (Unknown, 2013) In the United States, almost half of all pregnancies are unintended and out of those unintended pregnancies 4 out of 10 are aborted. Operation Rescue also states, “By age 45, one third of American women will have had at least one abortion.” (Unknown, 2013) Almost half of the women having abortions has already had at least one other abortion. When will it stop? Where is the moral compass of today’s women?
Abortions make different women suffer in different ways. There are so many serious physical complications each year resulting from abortions. Are the health risks really worth it? Breast, cervical, ovarian, and liver cancers are higher risks in women who have abortions. Perforation of the uterus and cervical lacerations are possibilities while aborting. Placenta Previa, which is where the placenta blocks the neck of the uterus and interferes with normal delivery of the baby, has higher risks in pregnancies following abortions. Women are also at higher risks for ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus) and handicapped newborns in later pregnancies.
Just earlier this month a study in China showed alarming evidence of higher breast cancer rates with women who has abortions. The academic journal, Cancer Causes Control published this study. Dr. Michael New, an assistant...

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... and some women uses it as birth control with astonishing 6-8 abortions under their belt. Life shouldn’t be something we can just choose to get rid of because it comes at an inconvenient time in life! Life should be treasured; it’s so precious! There is nothing stronger than a mothers love!

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