The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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“Did you know that every 20 seconds one baby is aborted?” (Mull 1). There are many arguments about if abortion should be illegal. Some women may say that it is their body and they should be able to do what they please with it, but a baby is innocent and it should have the chance to live a full life of laughter and grow to be a responsible adult. Abortion should not be an option for women no matter what the circumstance. Women may argue that abortion is not murder because when it is performed the bad has not fully developed and it does not become a real person until it has been delivered from the mother’s body (Messerli 4). The government should not be able to control what women can do with their body. If she does not want to have the baby she should not be forced into doing it (1). Abortions are in fact safe to be performed and does not cause the baby pain. Adoption is not simply the correct solution for having an abortion because if abortion was completely banned then there would be too many babies to be adopted and over the years it would pile up and become overwhelming (“Should abortion be” 2). Abortion is a form of murder and takes away the value of human life (Messerli 1). Even if a child is not born yet it is still a human-being and by murdering them it is rejecting their legal right (2). While being aborted their is a sonogram of the abortion and the mother is actually able to see the baby pulling away from the instruments and being scared of the items getting near the body (Slick 1). It is also said that the babies sometimes come out screaming and have looks of pain on their faces (“Reasons abortion should”). Also abortion is against the doctors’ hippocratic oath which states that only do health no harm (Messerli 2). Fin... ... middle of paper ... ...that baby with the struggles he or she may face and will help them live close to a normal life (“Should abortion be” 2). Even if the baby does not have hands or feet or cannot walk or speak does not mean that they are not human. There are people in the world who live without arms or legs and they are still considered human (Slick 2). Also some people may say that being raped and becoming pregnant is a logical reason to get an abortion. Rape is horrible, but why should the baby pay for sins committed by someone else (3)? Lastly, it is not right for citizens to pay tax dollar for something they do not agree with and find to be murder (Messerli 3). Abortion is a horrible thing. The babies who are victims of this are innocent and lives should not have to end before it has even begun. It is such a sad thing and there should never be an option for abortion no matter what.
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