A Visit to Rural Areas in the UK

A Visit to Rural Areas in the UK

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Tourism in Rural Areas Task Two
P3- Describe the motivation for three different types of visitor, to each visit two specific rural areas.
M1- Explain the different types of activities that motivate three different types of visitor to one rural area within the UK.

Part One- Visitor motivation

Families are motivated to visit rural areas for the following reasons:

Relaxation- Some families will find the thought of having the chance to relax appealing, after a long school and working term; talking the kids with them but the parents still get to relax as there is plenty for the children to do.

Adventure- A family like likely want to seek adventure at some point on their holiday, and they will more than likely be motivate to take a rural excursion to the countryside in order to seek this adventure. The countryside of the UK will motivate families who are looking for adventure as there are many outdoors activities possible and available such as orienteering and adventure walks.

Novelty- The novelty of a family holiday to the countryside is almost always there anyway, some families may prefer to take this type of holiday in the countryside as it would be much cheaper than taking a novelty holiday abroad.

The educational visitor will be motivated to visit the rural area for the following reasons:

Study- This will be the main reason for an educational trip, the trip will be motivated to head for the country for specific research such as geography river or landscape studies, or also to carry out activities for awards such as Duke of Edinburgh.

Sport-Educational trips would be motivated to visit rural areas for sporting events due to the fact that many sports are held in countryside destinations. There are also certain hiking activities which can be carried out in the countryside for physical education.

Special Interest-
The special interest tourist category would be motivated to visit the countryside for the following reasons:

Culture- This is an important special interest activity and the tourist will be attracted to the countryside to find out more about the local culture, but also the special interest of heritage is closely linked with culture and the Stone Henge monument throughout the countryside would be motivating for the special interest tourists.

Retreat- Special interest tourists such as those who are concerned in their personal health or who just want a relaxing break may visit a retreat in the countryside in order to help recover from the bustling city life.

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Part Two- Suitable destinations

Special Interest Tourist-

1. Snowdonia National Park-

Snowdonia is suitable as it caters for many different special interests for example there is a lot of cultural and historic features such as the WW2 remains. Many people with the special interest in trains and rail networks will be highly enticed by the walks available around the coast of Snowdonia where there are many different attractions related to the period of gold mining and rail systems such as the Barmouth bridge and earlier toll bridge.

2. North coast of Antrim-

This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will be of high interest to the special interest tourism and would also be a motivator for visiting the countryside resort. Those who are interested in history, culture, myths and legends will love the Causeway and surrounding area including the Glenn’s of Antrim. There are many attractions such as the Giants’ Causeway its’ self which is owned by the National Trust. There is also the Dunluce castle and Mussenden temple.


1. The New Forest National Park-

The Park is ideal for families, and offers so many family orientated activities that would motivate the family group to visit the countryside. The New Forest is right beside Southampton in the South West of England, and is easily accessible through good road networks.
The national park of New Forest offers plenty of family orientated activities for families, for example they have castles and beaches which can be visited and they also have a huge variety of events which are held during the summer time which is ideal for families as the children will be off school. There are events such as the Josephs’ Technicolor Dream coat which is also slightly religious but of a family and young children orientated theme as the show contains bright colours and is a performance which is enjoyed my young children.

2. Lake District-
The Lake District is such a beautiful part of Great Britain that it is no wonder why it is a suitable destination for families to visit in the countryside. The Lake District has relaxing values which are important to the parents of a family, and yet it still offers adventurous exciting pursuits and treasure hunts which are along the miles-without-stiles routes which means that the tracks are smooth and 100% wheel/push-chair friendly. There are activities to take part in within the Lake District which are very much enjoyed by adults and children such as fishing or even visiting The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction near Kendal.


1. The Mournes AONB-
The Mourne Mountains are situated in the south of county Down, Northern Ireland; they are a beautiful part of the scenery and provide plenty of activities for educational groups to carry out. Secondary schools within in the area come to the Mournes for Geography field trips, such as river studies on the river Shimna, and can research the different stages of it which actually flow through the Mournes and into Castlewellan Tullymore Forest Park. For educational trips, there are also Duke of Edinburgh award which can be obtained after several stages of camping and hiking around the Mournes, Sleeve Croob and Sleeve Donard are the most popular mountain peaks for these activities to be carried out.

2. Dartmoor national park-
Dartmoor is one of the few real wildernesses left in England and takes its name from the River Dart, which rises within the park.
It has been an inspiration to many artists and writers, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in The Hound of the Baskervilles, and it is steeped in folklore and legend.
The landscape is rugged and bleak, with granite tors sitting high above windswept valleys.
'No district in England of similar extent is so rich in pre-historic remains, and in none does nature wear a wilder aspect' (Crossings Guide to Dartmoor, 1912).

Part Three- Types of activities

There are different types of activities which you can do in the countryside, and they mainly fall into two categories;

Passive holiday activities are those which are not as physically demanding, and they can be carried out anywhere. Passive activities which are popular in the rural areas of the UK are available to do in the destinations described above are as follows:

Painting as a passive activity is revolved around the special interest tourism category. There may be groups who want to go on an educational painting tour, to learn how to paint, or else they may just be interested in painting as a leisure activity, it could be a hobby which people then go to these countryside resorts and set up to paint the scenery around them.

Although some of the destinations I have chosen are related with the Family group, i.e. New Forest National Park and Lake District, however, these places are also areas with outstanding scenery. Rothay manor is a hotel in the Lake District which provides painting lessons for all different levels of painter, from beginner to skilled.

People can also paint the scenery that there is on the North Coast of Antrim which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, also in Northern Ireland there are the Mournes which you will often find people in the nearby towns painting pictures of whilst sitting out on a sunny day!

Almost any category of tourist will do some amount of sightseeing while they are visiting the countryside.
Snowdonia National park for example offers some of the most amazing landscape in the UK let alone Wales;
The New Forest and the Mourne Mountains are also areas with amazing scenery.

The north coast of Antrim is also another popular destination for sight seeing, and although these destinations seem family/special interest orientated, if there were a educational group tour onboard a tour bus, then there’s no doubt that they would be looking about the scenery on the way to their destination and likely taking plenty of photos too!
The Lake District offers unbelievable scale of sightseeing for any category of tourist as it stretches over 3,500 km of space in the North of England.

Photography and Wildlife Viewing-
Photography is another passive activity which is widely done in the countryside due to the nature of its scenery and wildlife. It would normally be a special interest activity however everyone these days has access to cameras such as mobile phones or on compact digital cameras.
The New Forest offers a wide range of special interest plants and wildlife which will be of high interest to photographers and motivate them to visit the New Forest.

History and Culture-
Snowdonia is the second largest National Park of England and Wales and it is the oldest acquiring National Park status in 1951. It is therefore no wonder why people call it ‘panoramic’, also, it comes to no surprise that there is so much historical reasons for the domestic tourist to visit.
To name but a few, there is the toll bridge which was opened in 1879 to cross the Mawddach estuary shortly after the Barmouth bridge had opened in 1867, although this may seem special interest for those who are more interested in rail system etc. Snowdonia also has WWII remains of concrete anti-tank blocks which are in important element of the welsh history; these artefacts can be relevant to school field trips for History or Geography.

Active holiday activities are those which can be physically demanding however they can also be suitable for people with special needs such as families or people in wheelchairs as the Lake District provides routes providing for these tourist categories. The following are only some activities which can be carried out in rural areas:

There are many walks which you can take part in throughout the countryside of the UK; I am focussing on the Snowdonia rail walk along the Mawwdach River. The walk is approximately 4.5 miles long and may take between 2-3 hrs; here is a detailed tourist guide for the walk:

Commencing at Penmaenpool, walk to the toll bridge which spans the estuary. Cross the road, passing the George III Hotel. Proceed past some cottages to a gate opening into a railway cutting, passing Abergwynant Woods on the left.

Continue along the track until reaching a bridge over the River Gwynant then bear left along the track which follows the river. At Abergwynant Farm go forward to the farm access track, leading to a road junction. Turn left and then immediately right onto the side road leading to the youth hostel.

Pass along the top edge of the river gorge. Turn left at the turning for Cae'n-y-Coed. Branch right at the fork, the path then climbs to the ridge of Dolgledr; at a yellow way-mark marking a stile across the wall, cross the stile, descending into the valley and follow the path. Cross a stile, cross a wall and turn right to another stile. Bear left after the stile. At a way-mark pole numbered '7' turn down the field toward the farm.

After passing through 2 gates, turn left to a further stile, and follow the track. Turn left at a rough access track, but as it bears right, go left across a narrow col between two hills, passing over a further stile. Turn left onto the forest trail and at the first cottage on the right, turn through a narrow gate with a way-mark. At the Penmaenpool Road, turn left for the George III Hotel, there rejoining the estuary path.

This walk would not be considered difficult but it may not be suitable for families with strollers or wheelchairs.

A walk which would be more suitable for families with these needs would be the Miles-Without-Stiles walks throughout the Lake District National Park.

Climbing activities are great for teambuilding and therefore will be most suitable for educational groups. The Mourne Mountains offer a variety of rock climbing beyond compare in Ireland, with over 20 crags spread throughout the range. The high granite hills of Slieve Binnian and Hen Mountain give excellent short routes on weathered granite. The easy-angled slabs of Slieve Bearnagh and Slieve Lamagan offer long but generally easy expeditions and the steeper faces of Slieve Beg, Spellack, Cove Mountain and Pigeon give quality routes mostly from a rigorous level upwards. The 'fun crags' of Hares Castle, Annalong Buttress and Wee Binnian give short test pieces of all grades, but with a less serious atmosphere and a south-facing aspect. Couple this variety with over five hundred quality routes and there is the opportunity for endless climbing trips.
Above is a picture of Hen Mountain, Killkeel Road Newcastle.


Horse riding-

Special Events-

M1 criteria
Explain the different types of activities that motivate three different types of visitor to one rural area within the UK.

Mourne Mountains Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The Mournes offer many fun and action filled activities for families. Many of the activities include:
There is the option of picnicking and barbecuing or playing football in the pitching or setting the kids loose in the children’s’ play area of Kilbroney Park Rostrevor.
The Silent Valley reservoir in the Mourne Mountains is an attraction which will appeal to many categories of tourist, but families would appreciate the tiring walk and fresh air to end a hazy summer’s day.
Castle Ward in Castlewellan is a must see museum of an 18th century mansion which reflect on the style and fashion of that time. It is set in an 820 acre walled estate and there is a wildlife centre, tea room and most importantly the children’s adventure playground which will keep everyone in a family happy.
The Tropicana outdoor leisure centre in Newcastle is perfect for the rare hot summer days that we get, families can enjoy a Maud’s’ ice-cream while kids cool off in the pool which has feature slides and not to worry the water is heated.

The Mournes offer many activities for educational groups and caters for this category of tourist well. Secondary schools within in the area come to the Mournes for Geography field trips, such as river studies on the river Shimna, and can research the different stages of it which actually flow through the Mournes and into Castlewellan Tullymore Forest Park. For educational trips, there are also Duke of Edinburgh award which can be obtained after several stages of camping and hiking around the Mournes. There are many historical buildings which can be appeal and topical for specific educational groups such as:
Greencastle Castle-
The castle was built in the mid 13th century, replacing a still existent earthen motte to the west. Together with King John's castle in Carlingford on the opposite shore, it commanded the narrow entrance to the lough. It was initially held by the de Burghs, Earls of Ulster.
After an eventful history, it was granted to Sir Nicholas Bagnal in 1552, along with most of Mourne. The castle is a typical Norman castle with towers and a curtain wall.
Greencastle is only a few minutes drive from Cranfield Beach, and was once known as the capital of Mourne.
The Craigmore Viaduct-
Construction began on Craigmore Viaduct in 1849 and the bridge was opened in 1852. The 18 arch viaduct designed by Sir John O’Neill sweeps across the valley of Camlough River, the highest arch being 126ft making it the highest viaduct in Ireland. It is around a quarter of a mile in length and it consists of the finest granite from the surrounding countryside. The viaduct now carries the Enterprise Train link from Belfast to Dublin.

Special interest-
The Mourne area offers so many different things to appeal to many different types of special interest. There are sporting events in Donard Park and the GAA playing fields are only a short distance outside Newcastle.
There are many wildlife features among the district to suit special interest such as the Tropical Butterfly House and garden in Seaforde which also contains parrots, reptiles and insects, the tropical gardens also has a fun maze which can amuse any type of tourist.
Mourne is blessed with a diversity of habitat, which will be of interest to birdwatchers. The slopes and summits of the Mournes and Slieve Gullion, the oak woods of Rostrevor, the shoreline and its clean beaches, the freshwater streams and lakes scattered across the landscape, all are host to a wide range of bird life, both resident and migrant.
Mourne's many rivers and lakes have some of the country's best waters for game and coarse angling. There is something to suit all levels of angler, be they beginner or experienced.
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