Essay on A Study On Transcultural Nursing

Essay on A Study On Transcultural Nursing

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Transcultural Nursing
The United States is often referred to a “melting pot” of cultures (Samovar & Porter, 2011). Cultures should always be considered when caring for individuals within the medical field. Nurses should be the first to recognize and respect the cultural wishes of their patients. Not everyone is familiar with every single culture that exists today, but nurses can take that next step in education and becoming culturally competent (Black, 2014). Dr. Madeleine Leininger coined the phrase “culturally competent” (Black, 2014). Her nursing theory elevated the level of nursing that is provided today (Andrews & Boyle, 2008). This theory plays a major role today in nursing because of the diversity of patients a nurse may care for at any given time. Cultural nursing will affect my nursing career and I need to be prepared to provide that care to my future patients.
Dr. Leininger’s Theory of Cultural Care
Early on in Dr. Leininger’s career she noticed a need for care to be designed around a person’s culture (Black, 2014). This is what led her to develop her nursing theory of cultural care (Black, 2014). The theory of cultural care was not just designed to be aware of different cultures but to be thoroughly educated on traditions, beliefs, and medical practices of a particular culture (Black, 2014). Dr. Leininger’s theory examined the outcomes of patients that had a nurse that was culturally competent (Andrews & Boyle, 2008). Dr. Leininger’s findings found that patients seemed to have better outcomes and a greater respect for their nursing staff when cared for by a culturally competent nurse (Andrews & Boyle, 2008). It shows a level of respect to the patient and that in turn improves the patient/nurse relationship (Bl...

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... would like to explore with my future nursing career. I know I will be encountering a multitude of cultures throughout my nursing career and I feel that having a transcultural nursing skill set will make me a stronger nurse.
It is because of Dr. Leininger’s theory that nurses today can expand their knowledge base and continually improve their nursing skills by learning about different cultures. It was because of Dr. Leininger’s awareness of her patient’s needs that she was able to develop transcultural nursing (Black, 2014). Transcultural nursing is a nursing skill set that I foresee only becoming more and more needed here in the United States. As our population continuously grows with the vast variety cultures the increase for particular resources and different nursing skills will be needed to provide the up most care for this demographic of patients.

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