A Study On Object Oriented Programming Essay

A Study On Object Oriented Programming Essay

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As a result of these problems, to achieve high levels of reuse in OOP, one is often forced to write very small classes, which leads to an explosion in the number of classes in a system. (Krubner 2014, 41) The irony of all of this is that programmers reuse code without OOP—often by simply copying and pasting. There 's no need to superimpose some elaborate structure of interacting, instantiated objects, with all the messaging and fragility that it introduces into a program. (Mansfield 2005, 1)
OOP requires more discipline, management and training than classic software development does. (Shah 1997, 1) Even though it dominates the tech industry, object-oriented programming is a poorly defined, amorphous concept. (Krubner 2014, 2) OOP is more difficult to learn as a result because OOP is less readable and OOP is based on complex concepts.
OOP languages tend to be less readable than procedural ones. A readable language allows students to, after only a very short time, take educated guesses at the meanings of constructs. Producing an object-oriented program that is readily understandable to students is a real challenge. (KÖlling 1999; 6, 10, 11, 14) Consider the following remarks by programmer Chad Columbus:
“I find OOP harder to read, harder to maintain, and harder to use. PP [procedural programming] seems so intuitive and straight forward. I find most PP code I can read and understand with very little in the way of comments or documentation, the code is the code you can see what it is doing (it is mostly self-documenting). In OOP I find that I am constantly trying to figure out what it is doing, it seems more... nebulous. I normally have to jump around more; it i...

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... paper demonstrated several of those limitations, many related to the extra work required by programming in OOP. Perhaps most importantly, teaching and learning OOP tends to be more difficult than teaching and learning functional or structured programming. The thought process involved in OOP is not natural for some people – it is complicated to create programs based on an interaction of objects. And some of the key programming techniques, such as inheritance, can be challenging to comprehend.
The tragedy of OOP is that “so many brilliant minds have been wasted on a useless dogma that inflicts much pain, for no benefit. And worst of all, because OOP has failed to deliver the silver bullet that ends our software woes, every year or two we are greeted with a new orthodoxy, each one promising to finally make OOP work the way it was originally promised.” (Krubner 2014, 7)

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