Advantages And Disadvantages Of Object Oriented Programming

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Identify at least two (2) advantages to using OOP as compared to using only PP. Object orientated programming or OOP is a form of programming in which developers describe not just the type of data of a data arrangement, but the kinds of functions or operations as well that can be utilized to the exacting data arrangement within the construction. Procedural programming is a programming style where operations are written in order and called in other parts of the plan, in that a modification in programming to one operation affects any code that is called by that operation. Object oriented programming does not just protect data, but it makes it easier to work with and organized as well (Phillips, 2010). It is a lot simpler to operate with a self…show more content…
Event driven programming can be well understood by comparing it to procedural programming. Functions that are written in procedural languages implement by going on rationally through the program rules, a line at a time (Farrell, 2010). The logic stream can be provisionally moved to other sections of the program through certain statements, controlling the program from the start to the end. In distinction, program declarations in event driven functions implement only when a certain event calls a part of code given to that event. Events can be activated by input of keyboard, actions of the mouse, the system that is operating, or code in the function. For instance, if we can consider what occurs when a user clicks a control button on a form. The click of the mouse is an event. When the Click incident happens, the program implements the code in the Sub procedure of the command click. Event driven programming has a number of advantages when compared to pure procedural programming. These advantages

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