A Study On Diabetes Mellitus Essay

A Study On Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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Diabetes Mellitus

The topic focused on in this report is Type one Diabetes mellitus. In New Zealand 10% of those who are diagnosed with diabetes are diagnosed with Type one. Living with the condition can really take its toll one living with the diabetes. Although once you have diabetes you have it for life there are certain steps you can take to make living with it a lot easier and less stressful as a person with diabetes and as a community.

• What is Type one Diabetes?
• Can people with type one diabetes live a healthy and active life?
• How does type one diabetes have an effect on our Maori and Pacific community?
• Why does type one diabetes have no-known permanent cure?
• What are the complications for someone who is living Type one Diabetes?
The question that has been selected to research is what are the complications for someone who is living Type one diabetes? This question has been chosen because the complications for someone living with type one diabetes are endless although not everyone with diabetes will develop all or some of the complications that come with having the condition (Diabetes New Zealand, 2014).
Living with a close relative that has type one diabetes I have always developed had a basic understanding of the condition. My Father has been living with type one diabetes for 37 years now and counting. Growing up as a child, I saw my father inject himself 3 times a day, taking his blood sugar levels 3 times a day as well as having the odd Hypo(hypoglycaemic) or Hyper (Hyperglycaemic). Having growing up with my father living with diabetes has given me a great interest and passion to research this particular topic. The information I kno...

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...be living the rest of your life with a health condition is another, but knowing what we can as family members, friends and a community do to help someone living with diabetes prevent the complications from arising during illness will make a difference in one that is carrying of the effects of living with type one diabetes.

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