A Study On Biology And Microbiology Essay

A Study On Biology And Microbiology Essay

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In September I intend to commence my senior year as a full time student at Rutgers University, pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Microbiology. I will also be working part time as an Instructor for Chemistry 1 and 2 with Rutgers ODASIS. I also intend to continue my research in Dr. Chikindas’s Lab, investigating the role of essential oils in inhibiting AI-2. In September, I will be resuming my membership in the Voorhees Choir and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship as well as assuming the position of president of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Society. Furthermore, I will be shadowing Dr. Sonawane and will be volunteering in the CCU of RWJ Medical Center. Essentially, I intend to spend my final year at Rutgers University not only in the pursuit of knowledge in biochemistry and microbiology, but also in service of and leadership in the community.

Being a Youth Leader for the Mangalorean Catholic Association has been a rewarding experience. Being an immigrant myself, I understand the difficulties of navigating the academics and culture in America. In MCA, I am able to not only participate in community service and cultural activities, but also mentor young Mangloreans to ensure that they take advantage of every beneficial opportunity available to them.

Observing and emulating the integrity with which the doctors and nurses at RWJ Medical Center in the CCU treat both patients and their families in some of the most vulnerable times in their lives, has been a humbling experience. I have also come to realize that communicating with families of patients is just as important as treating the patient. This experience has solidified my resolve to pursue medicine as a career.

Middle school is a challenging time in...

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...ician Musicians. The various interest groups as well as the Global Health Coalition and GW Helping-Hands, give students the ability to find a community of peers with similar interests. George Washington University’s commitment to training physicians with not only intellectual abilities but also physical and emotional stability, ensures that medical students receive a well-rounded education. The School of Medicine will also provide me with a variety of research and community engagement opportunities which will further enhance my leadership and analytical skills. All things considered, George Washington University School of Medicine provides a competitive environment that would motivate me to achieve my potential. I am certain that, with my commitment and hard-work, the School of Medicine will provide me with the medical training necessary to be a successful physician.

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