Essay about A Study Of Biological Systems

Essay about A Study Of Biological Systems

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Bioinformatics is the study of biological systems that involve using computers to analyze vast amounts of molecular data. When investigating a gene, the best preliminary step is to locate related information in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) database. The NCBI database offers information, e.g. for what the gene does, where it is located, and articles related to the gene. The site also offers powerful tools, such as BLAST, that assist in researching genomic markers. By aligning a sequence with BLAST, the user can identify different mutations or if there are similar matches throughout the human genome.

Searching for Complement Factor H (CFH) within NCBI pulls lots of information about the sequence, protein, and studies that have been performed on the segment of DNA. CFH is also known by many names like HF1, Factor H, and CFHL3 to name a few. The gene is located on chromosome 1 at position 32 (1q32), beginning at base pair 196,651,878 and ending at 196,747,504. There is a slight variation in these numbers going between sources, however, the length of the gene is consistently listed at 95,626 base pairs containing 22 exons with 6 different splicing variations.

Abnormal levels of CFH or nonfunctional proteins are said to have a role in multiple pathways related to increased risk of microbial infections and autoimmune disorders that involve the kidneys. Some of the diseases associated with the gene include dense deposit disease, age-related macular degeneration, and atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome [1].

Interactions with other molecules and receptors can be estimated from the 3D structure of the protein. Researchers can determine how the protein will interact with its environment if there is a mutation in ...

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.... From here, the physician would be able to have a targeted therapy treatment and dosage designed specifically for the patient. This method of companion diagnostics would be more cost effective and timely, compared to the previous trial and error methodology. 

Genetic screenings are not only effective working alongside companion diagnostics. "Diagnostically, genetic markers from a patient with an autoimmune disease, or of an infectious pathogen within a patient, will be highly specific and sensitive indicators of the subtype of disease and of that subtype 's probable responsiveness to different therapeutic agents [3]." A rapid detection test, for e.g. strep, provides results in less than a few hours for the presence of specific antigens. Using genetic markers in this way opens the possibility for more sensitive and effective diagnostics that enhance our health care.

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