Essay on A Short Note On Cirrhosis Of The Liver

Essay on A Short Note On Cirrhosis Of The Liver

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Cirrhosis of the Liver
The human body is a mysterious and miraculous creation in itself. Every day of human life is full of complexity and sophistication where our bodies manage to bemuse and baffle scientists even today. However, at the same time new scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs are occurring daily. The appreciation is due to the equipment and knowledge that exist today that humans have such a better understanding of the secrecies that the human body holds. Humans take advantage of their bodies and when that advantage reaches a certain state where it becomes too much, it can be detrimental in concerns of living a heathy life. For instance, the liver, which is actually the largest organ inside the human body. It weighs around three pounds typically. It is as well one of the very few organs that has the ability to regenerate itself even after a large portion of this organ has sustained injuries or has been removed. Yet just the same as building built to be strong and sturdy, the building can fall victim to deterioration and rust when not taken care of and the liver is just the same simply because this organ can succumb to disease and ailments.
There are many functions of the liver such as, the cleansing of the blood that resides in the human body by removing toxins and bacteria, the destroying of fats, and the assisting of managing infections in the body (Anatomy & Function of the liver). The liver is an organ with an ability to offset toxins and other pollutants that enters a body. The liver also makes a substance which is known as bile that makes the liver a very vital organ in the human body because it is a way of secreting wastes (Anatomy & Function of the liver). Without proper functions of this organ, no ...

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...fats inside the body (Anatomy & Functions of the Liver). Many people do not come to the realization of just how vital the liver is for life. It is very important that a person keeps in mind factors that can destroy this organ that is so vital for human life. Alcoholism, hepatitis C, illegal substances, serious infections, and toxins to the body can all scar the tissues of the organ and eventually lead to Cirrhosis. Although medical breakthroughs are occurring every day, there is yet to be a cure for Cirrhosis. However, treatments for the different symptoms are readily available. A person needs to be familiar with Cirrhosis of the liver and how it effects a body. This can help to prevent a very permanent and detrimental disease from occurring. By evading causes that can potentially lead to cirrhosis, a person can reduce the chances of becoming a part of the statistic.

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