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  • The Absorption Spectrum of Chlorophyll

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    The Absorption Spectrum of Chlorophyll Water + carbon dioxide → glucose + oxygen 6H2O + 6CO2 → C6H12O6 + 6O2 Absorption Spectrum An absorption spectrum shows which wavelength of light a molecule absorbs. Action Spectrum An action spectrum shows the effect of each wavelength of light on the rate of photosynthesis The absorption spectrum of chlorophyll is very similar to the action spectrum of photosynthesis. This is evidence that chlorophyll absorbs light for photosynthesis

  • Analysis of the Absorption of Green Light Versus Red Light Absorption in Spinach Leaves

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    Analysis of the Absorption of Green Light Versus Red Light Absorption in Spinach Leaves The goal of the experiment was to determine if green light had less ability to absorb than red light in spinach leaves. This was done by separating the photosynthetic pigments (chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotene and xanthophylls) from one another using paper chromatography. The separated pigments were then analyzed for their absorption spectrum using a spectrographometer. When the data was graphed it

  • Self-absorption in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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    Self-absorption in Heart of Darkness The story Heart of Darkness is a study in the benefits , and setbacks, of self absorption. Through out the story there is a constant emphasis on the fact that self absorption will get you what you want and help you to survive. At the same time there is the constant moral objection. Almost the entire book is spent showing the positive aspects of self absorption. The life it will give you and the ability to keep that life going as long as

  • Absorption Refrigeration Cycle Essay

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    The membrane contactors can be used in different components of the absorption refrigeration systems such as absorber, desorber, solution heat exchanger etc. In this section absorption refrigeration cycle configurations of the investigations reviewed in the present work are discussed. The principle of operation and the use of membrane contactors in the desorber of absorption refrigeration systems can alter the configuration of the cycle. However, the use of membrane contactors in the absorber has

  • Alcohol And Nutrition Essay

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    be digested so it is available for energy and maintenance of body structure and function. Alcohol inhibits the breakdown of nutrients into usable molecules by decreasing secretion of digestive enzymes from the pancreas. Alcohol impairs nutrient absorption by damaging the cells lining the stomach and intestines

  • Gustav Robert Kirchhoff

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    mathematische Physik " (1876-94, "Lectures on Mathematical Physics") and " Gesammelte Abhandlungen " (1882; supplement, 1891, "Collected Essays"). Spectrum Analysis Kirchhoff was the first to explain the dark lines in the Sun's spectrum as caused by absorption of particular wavelengths as the light passes through a gas. He found that when light passes through a gas, the gas absorbs those wavelengths that it would emit if heated. spectral lines - a discovery that began the spectroscopic method of chemical

  • Beer Lambert Law Essay

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    The Beer Lambert law delineates that there is a linear relationship which is present between the saturation of a solution and the luminescent absorption of a solution. In the circumstance of the existence of a linear correlation, the resulting graph should demonstrate to be a straight segment of a line. In the circumstance that the graph demonstrates a straight line, this would confirm the Beer

  • Oxidation of Cyclohexanol to Cyclohexanone

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    orbirtals by ultraviolet or visible light, vibrations are excited by infrared light, and rotations are excited by microwaves” (Tissue). IR spectroscopy is the measurement of the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of infrared light by a sample. The wavelength of IR absorption bands are characteristic of specific types of chemical bonds. An IR spectrophotometer is an instrument which is designed to obtain an infrared spectra of a molecule. An IR spectra is obtained by first irradiating

  • Oxidation with Sodium Hypochlorite

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    both alcohols. This could not have been my product because of the results of my IR. I had a broad large absorption is the range of 3200 to 3500 wavenumbers. This indicates the presence of an alcohol. If my compound had been fully oxidized then there would be no such alcohol present. Also, because of my IR, I know that my compound was one of the other 2 compounds because of the strong sharp absorption at 1705 wavenumbers. This indicates the presence of a carbonyl. Also, my 2,4-DNP test was positive. Therefore

  • Canine First Aid

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    Many items found in the home and garden can be poisonous to animals and it is vital that you know what to do if you suspect the dog has been poisoned. There are three ways for dogs to get poisons into their system: „h Ingestion „h Inhalation „h Absorption It is important to bring the following to the vet if you suspect a dog has been poisoned: „h Packaging „h Note of approximate amount taken „h Time taken This will help to speed up the process of treating your dog. Ingestion (non-corrosive) If

  • Testosterone

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    proven benefits in hormone replacement therapy, each has distinct advantages. The transdermal delivery system of the pure micronized testosterone cream provides a non-invasive method of application along with a more consistent level of testosterone absorption. The cream is applied twice daily, in the morning and before bedtime. We recommend that you use the testosterone cream for eight consecutive weeks, then take two weeks off. During the two weeks off interval, we recommend that you administer HCG

  • Investigating the Activity of an Enzyme

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    monitored using Dinitrosaylic Acid (DNS) as the reagent reacts with the reducing sugar products. The colour of DNS changes from yellow to varying shades of red; depending on the on the reducing sugars product being found with time. The light absorption from the varying colours of solutions can then be measured calorimetrically. A standard calibration curve could then be used to give the results in units of micromoles. Method As described in schedule. Results Tube Number 1

  • Neptune

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    mixture of heated gases comprised of hydrogen, helium, water and methane. The atmospheric composition is 85% Hydrogen, 13% Helium, and 2% methane. The planet's atmosphere, particularly the outer layers, contains substantial amounts of methane gas. Absorption of red light by the atmospheric methane is responsible for Neptune's deep blue color. Neptune is a dynamic planet with several large, dark spots reminiscent of Jupiter's hurricane-like storms. The largest spot, known as the Great Dark Spot, is about

  • Ethnography

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    anthropological studies of death eliminate emotions by assuming the position of the most attached observer,” a precarious position which often leads to “actual indifference.” (15) He also acknowledges that reflexivity can easily slip into self-absorption, wherein one loses sight of differences which do exist. Despite attacks, by Michaelson and Johnson, that “Michele’s death gives Renato a newfound sense of ethnographic authority, a sense that he is ‘capable of feeling everything that the Ilongot

  • The Elderly and Malnutrition

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    impact elderly nutritional requirements.  Changes in taste and smell may decrease an individual's appetite or desire for food.  Gastro-intestinal motility decreases with age and may lead to constipation, decreased nutrient absorption, and a decrease in fat and protein absorption.  Metabolism also slows with age; this results in a decrease of lean body mass and an increase in body fat (8).  Lastly, bone mass decreases, leaving the elderly vulnerable to bone fractures from falls and osteoporosis

  • embalming fluid the new high

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    are getting an extra high from the unknown PCP. It is important to note that the PCP is not a normal compound in embalming fluid. Embalming fluid is generally consumed in small groups of three to five and smoked. The embalming fluid may enhance absorption by slowing the rate at which the marijuana burns. It has been reported that the actual smoking of embalming fluid is not very pleasant. It has been said that it taste like rubbing alcohol and smells like gasoline. The high last between six hours

  • Facts On Cocaine

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    heart rate, and blood pressure. The duration of cocaine's immediate euphoric effects, which include hyperstimulation, reduced fatigue, and mental clarity, depends on the route of administration. The faster the absorption, the more intense the high. On the other hand, the faster the absorption, the shorter the duration of action. The high from snorting may last 15 to 30 minutes, while that from smoking may last 5 to 10 minutes. Increased use can reduce the period of stimulation. When people mix cocaine

  • Vascular Epiphytes of Far North Queensland

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    literature has occurred. EVOLUTION Epiphytes have evolved to take advantage of resources not widely available to other plants. Epiphytes have evolved a variety of morphological and physiological differences to deal with difficulty in mineral absorption, photosynthesis, propagation, water acquisition and water retention. There are two basic theories on the evolution of epiphytes. The first theory indicates that epiphytes may have been shade adapted plants, struggling for light that moved into

  • Bruises

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    relaxation, with vertigo and fainting. Dry heat after much bruising or sprains. Eyes sunken and surrounded by dark rings. Emissions the next night. ARNICA (3*). The first remedy to give in bruising as it will prevent pain and soreness and help the absorption of blood. The entire body feels bruised and aches. Arnica tincture should be use externally if the skin is unbroken. BELLIS (2*). Useful when it seems that an internal organ or bowel has been bruised. It is sometimes called the internal Arnica

  • Placental Ruminants and Herbivorous Marsupials of Australia

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    their individual modes of nutrition. It can be suggested that the foregut fermenters of the marsupials are very similar to the eutherian ruminants, as both types of adaptations are designed to increase fiber digestibility and increase nutrient absorption. However, there are many major differences between the two groups. Ruminants have developed a four-chambered stomach system, which is not seen in the marsupials, as well as a rumination cycle which allows for the rechewing of previously ingested