A Rude Awakening : Obamacare Dilemma Essay

A Rude Awakening : Obamacare Dilemma Essay

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A Rude Awakening: Obamacare Dilemma
“According to the HSC Health Tracking Physician Survey, 2008, the percentage of doctors that refuse new Medicaid patients dwarf by about 8 to 10 times the percentage that refuses new private insurance patients” (p.3). Such statistics are one of many important points Scott. W. Atlas addresses in his article, How Obamacare fails the poor and the middle class. Atlas’s thesis is to argue how individuals should take action against Obamacare, since it brings more bad than good, such as the new health insurance attributes that affects millions of Americans, in addition it allows healthcare to become more government controlled which limits an individual’s freedom of choice, and finally it bring addition many costs along with. Atlas wrote a really well thought out editorial, he provided the audience with not only sufficient supporting evidence but also sourcing which lends credibility between him and the reader. This lead to the successful expression of his though out arguments, ending in a well-rounded argument.
In this editorial, Atlas does a great job by starting off the editorial with an interesting statistic to use as a strong hook, by doing this he not only instantly grabs the reader’s interest and make them continue on reading. The statistic hook not only allows for the transition into supporting evidence explaining why this is a problem, but lets

Atlas explain why that is since the last Obamacare signup, more than half of the 11 million people that have signed up for Obamacare are uninsured (p.1). This reinforces a strong argument, which make the reader question the reason this is, and also appeals to ethos and logos but also allows him to come across as a well-informed individual, and leaves ...

... middle of paper ...

...macare, which allows him have to connect the fact back to his last one being back up support.
Secondly the structure of the editorial was given careful thought, the writing was very organized put into chronological order which resulted in superb product. This allowed for an easy read on eyes but in additionally for the reader, since it did not overwhelmed them by having to choose a stance with the author.

this allowed for easy reading since all of the paragraphs were in a chronological order and supporting paragraphs were in the right, place as in well the was carefully thought out, each of supporting arguments were in the correct order and made sense, but also they were separated appropriately. This allowed the reader to

The reader to not only were they the body paragraphs were proved another was by atlas’s carefully thought out structure but they also.

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