Religious Freedom

Religion is doctrine centered on belief and worship of a higher being. The First Amendment guarantee of Religious Freedom means all people have the right to choose any religion they desire; similarly all people have the right choose no religion at all. Each person is guaranteed this right without resistance or opposition from the government. The Amendment assures that the citizens will enjoy freedom from religion – that is, freedom from imposition by the government of any certain religious beliefs or practices. Likewise, the Amendment also guarantees that citizens will enjoy freedom of religion – the ability of each individual citizen to choose a religion based solely on their own beliefs.
All American citizens – regardless of the supremacy being worshipped – are granted the right to practice their chosen religion. That is, Americans have a right to believe in and worship a god or idol of their choice. Although many Americans choose a conventionally organized denomination, there are those who choose more non-traditional spirituality, such as Scientology, Wicca or even Satanism. Despite the aversion that most people have to these non-conforming religious groups, they are granted equal freedom under the First Amendment.
The most important belief that is worthy of protection is the right to openly pray. Regardless of the faith – each religion prays or meditates to a higher being. That being said, government should not have any jurisdiction in the matter as to what god or gods a person prays. Peaceful gatherings, prayerful vigils, and religious demonstrations to protest and to support any causes must all be afforded protection under the law.
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Nevertheless, until laws were broken and human life was sacrificed, both the People’s Temple and Heaven’s Gate cults members were allowed to practice their beliefs freely without the intervention of the government. The inalienable right of a human being to give benediction to a divinity of their discretion is an opportunity that is not given in every country. Therefore, we, as American citizens must be appreciative of this gift of freedom that we have been given, and at the same time, we must be mindful and accommodating to those who choose to worship in a manner that is different than our own.

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