A Rocket Made Of Ice There Are Different Beliefs About Christianity, Buddhism, And Hinduism

A Rocket Made Of Ice There Are Different Beliefs About Christianity, Buddhism, And Hinduism

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In the book In A Rocket Made of Ice there are different beliefs about Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. There are certain characters in the book who are at least one of these, and they don’t treat kids as well because they believe that’s what their religion told them to do. In the book, the religions are described in different parts, telling what religion each person is, and how they treat the others in Wat Opot. Wayne, Rebecca, and Gail are some of the important people who each have a different religion, and then it describes how the children in Wat Opot are treated as well.
Wayne is a Christian, and is trying to help the children in the book choose their own religion by themselves instead of forcing his religion on to them. “Wayne sets an example for the children in Wat Opot with open hearts. He allows for the validity of other beliefs.” (Gutradt 117). This shows that Wayne has a good heart, that he doesn’t care what religion the children are because he will still accept them. Wayne is dedicating his life to helping others find their spiritual life. “If the improvement of life changes them I believe God is working in them.” (Gutradt 117). Wayne believes that if he sees improvement in others, then God is doing his job, working in these kids, and helping them toward finding their own religion. “If God wants someone to be a Christian it will happen.” (Gutradt 118). If the children are not born a Christian, then at some point in their lives, their spiritual life will be chosen at the right time. Wayne says, “I am responsible for the daily needs of over 70 children and still live on that simple faith that GOD will supply all that I need each day… and He does! ...I believe strongly that GOD wants all of us to be totally dependen...

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...n’t pass this opportunity up because it’s an opportunity to continue her journey to a new place.
Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism have an impact on these children 's lives because each character treats them differently depending on what religion they have. Wayne has a big impact on them because he is letting the children choose their own religion because he doesn’t want to force them to take his. Rebecca thought that she had to bring souls to God instead of letting them choose what religion they should have. Molly volunteered her services to the children, and they loved her. Gail on the other hand didn’t know what she was. She went on a pilgrimage that lead her to Cambodia where she dedicated her time to the children of Wat Opot. Even though Wayne, Rebecca, Molly, and Gail had different religions, they still love and care for all the children just the same.

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