A Research Study On Psychology Course At Trent University Essay

A Research Study On Psychology Course At Trent University Essay

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A total of 206 male and female psychology students who are enrolled in the second year psychology course at Trent University will be selected to participate in this study. Students who have previously taken the course will be exempt from the study as it could inflict on the results of the quizzes and learning methods. Students will likely be of different ages between 18 and 23 and they will be of different major’s, making for a more diverse group to assess the ways of learning.
VARK questionnaire (Fleming, 1995) which consists of 13 questions that relate to everyday situations, as well as a questionnaire that will be given following the VARK questionnaire which will ask students to identify their gender, age, major of study and what year they are currently studying in, in the university. Also, the general information questionnaire will ask to students to report if they had already attended the course in previous years. (Dobson, 2009). Finally, a short twenty five question quiz with be administered to assess information retained during the lecture.

After consent is received, the students will be briefed on the purpose of the study and given a questionnaire that was designed to assess preferences for learning such as Visual, Aural, Read-Write and Kinesthetic (VARK) (Fleming, 1995). Too, they will be asked to fill out the general information questionnaire which will ask for personal information such as age, gender, major, year of study, etc. The two questionnaires will be administered during the first week of the course, at the beginning of the class. Later, students will be given a lecture by the professor using no PowerPoint or visual aids, following the lecture, students will be given a short quiz with twen...

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...s children in elementary schools and middle schools. The majority of research analyzes ways of learning within young adults, future suggestions for research should study if elementary school students benefit from the same methods of learning. Although many teachers in elementary schools use multiple techniques within the classroom, it is suggested that it should be analyzed whether or not students should be divided into separate classrooms that teach according to their prospective mode of learning and teach accordingly in each classroom. Limitations will be assessed following the study’s findings, one limitation that can be recognized is the difference between male and females within the study, and past research has found that males and females differ in the way that they learn. Therefore, future research should analyze only males and only females (Dobson, 2009).

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