A Research On Human Sex Differences Essay

A Research On Human Sex Differences Essay

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After careful consideration I relate more to Dr. Davis M. Buss, known for his evolutionary research on human sex differences in mate selection. Sex differences. Buss posits that men and women have faced different adaptive challenges throughout human history, which shape behavioral difference in males and females today. Example women have to carry the child for nine months and then make it though delivery. Men during pregnancy have thoughts of paternity and having as many children as possible. He also focused on short and long term mating strategies, male and female preference, deception, love, jealousy, and a host of other topics that deal hand and hand with relationships and relationship disputes. I Personally, relate to these theories because I would like to eventually become a sex therapist and I think Dr. Buss would be a great foundation for future research for me. We all have thoughts or impulses we upon which choose to either act or walk away. In the real world we have certain realities. I believe consequences of our actions keep us in line.

My personal theory on individuals and counseling in general is that everyone can change. However, no change will ever occur if:
• That person does not want a change
• If the change is only being made to please someone or some entity. For example, court system, parents, and partner.
• Change does not happen overnight. With anything, growth and acceptance comes with practice and patience.

My professional philosophy is that change will come when that client decides that they deserve to have clarity and peace and make the commitment to take the necessary steps to implement the changes.
My philosophy is that people can change. Just because you make a bad decision, does not make you a b...

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...t getting it.

I can sympathize with most situations. I think the issues or complication that will hurt me the most is my facial expressions. My facial expressions ninety-five of the time have nothing to do with what the client is expressing, but what they have said to trigger my personal thoughts regarding something in my personal life. My facial expressions can range from a goofy smile to a devastating frown. Another thing is I am a very silly, easy going. I smile a lot, so when I am in counseling mode I put on a serious face to try to appear more professional and not as if I not paying attention or being insensitive to the needs of the client. I know it is okay to smile and laughing with the client if it is appropriate but, I fear becoming overly relaxed and cheerful Counseling is a powerful tool; I am enthusiastic about learning more and perfecting my craft.

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