The Relationships Between Men And Women In Modern Society

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Throughout the ages the relationships between men and women have been constantly changing. Comparing from the start of hunting and gathering societies to the modern world today, many aspects of everyday life have been altered. Especially the roles between men and women. What was once an equalitarian based relationship, where all people were fundamentally equal, slowly turned into a patriarchy type of relationship, where men became the central authority figures. However, these changes didn’t just affect the dynamics between the sexes, they impacted the way different civilizations functioned as a whole. The way in which each society reacted to or treated their women was directly impacted. Relationships between men and women have been consistently…show more content…
With the loss of the equality women were no longer able to have a say in how they ran their daily lives. With the new reign of patriarchy in the agricultural societies women were merely a different type of property owned by a man. A husband would exchange his daughters for other needs and pass his property on to his sons. This brought on the importance of the fidelity of a woman to her husband. Since the man needed a true heir to inherit his land there could be no question or doubt that a son was his own. And the more property a man owned the more important this concept became. With the rise of patriarchy also came the notion of complex laws. These laws were a double standard that worked in the favor of men and disfavor of women. Men even made marriage a financial arrangement that would work in their favor. To put this era simply, a woman’s duty was to wait on her husband and do as he bid her to do and a man’s duty was to rule and control his family. Another impact that occurred throughout civilizations is the roles of women when it came to love and sex. Since women were considered a piece of property more than anything else, their sole responsibilities were to take care of the house and produce a true heir for their husband. Men were allowed much more independence. Due to the new laws and double standards men could sleep with as many women as they wanted. The relationships they had with these women was considered love, whereas the relationship they had with their wives was considered a
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