A Report On The Bus Stop Essay

A Report On The Bus Stop Essay

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The ULL bus stop is something students and faculty walk by and use every day. It is a very visible part of ULL and has been looked passed and it is apparent that it has been neglected for years. Our Action Project is focusing on not only adding on to the bus stop, but also the renewal of what is already there. Our project topic is something that is important because the current bus stop does not meet certain needs.
When you are at the bus stop to go to Cajun Field and you look at the covering you will notice that it is falling apart. There are holes and exposed wood and in some placing it is rotting. There has been many times the line for the bus exceeds the bus stop so people are left in the open area, which is an inconvenience when it is windy or rains. With its current configuration, the bus stop can accommodate approximately 90 people and with our modifications it would be able to fit about 250 people. As of the Fall of 2015 there are 16,729 degree seeking students at ULL (Lord). The bus stop only being about to hold 90 students at a time simply isn’t enough. We also plan on making the new design ADA accessible because with the current design of the bus stop it is very hard for a handicap person to gain access to the entrance of a bus. We also proposed to relocate the bike rack and bench away from the bus stop to eliminate clutter and open up room for students and faculty wishing to use the bus stop.
Most students do not realize the poor structural condition the current bus stop is in. Students walk past it every day and nothing gets done about it. Our group has noticed these unfavorable aspects of the bus stop and are fighting for the ability to improve the bus stop for all UL students and faculty alike. With the help of sev...

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...ighting areas, and rail station platforms (United States Access Board). Students need to care about those who need assistance getting on and off the bus. The bus stop covering also needs to be extended because when it is rainy people are left standing in the rain. Before selecting material the drying time needs to be considered. When plywood is used, drying time may be reduced (How to Select Building Materials That Resist Moisture - EXtension).
This revitalization would be good for the University. It will help with the sidewalk and area by the bookstore be less crowded on days where there are a lot of people waiting for a bus. By NOMAS having control of the design and construction, they will gain useful experience while helping the UL student body. We hope that our project will bring awareness to others that we really take things for granted, like a bus stop.

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