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A Report On Dick Smith Holdings Essay

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Dick Smith Holdings had a good run in the electronics business for more than 45 years but the glory didn’t last forever. The business, name, glory all came crashing down at once due of the costs of the action of Anchorage Capital Partners. So now they say, “If you want to run out of business, simply go to Anchorage Capital Partners”.
Dick Smith Holdings was established on 1968 by Dick Smith and was owned and operated by him and his wife. The business started as an initial start-up of installing and maintaining car radios. Later on the business up scaled and started serving electronics products through self-serve shopping and item catalogue for every products to be sold. The catalogue included all essential information and reference for electronics products lover. To promote the business through the catalogue, Smith distributed the item catalogues for free with the major selling electronics magazines like Electronics Australia and Electronics Today International. After the frequent and vast use of internet, the item catalogues were stopped issuing after 2009. Smith sold all kinds of electronic components that were thriving at the 1970sand 1980s such as pagers, satellite stations, early video games, answering machines and cordless phones. The company even sold the earliest personal computers as well. The expansion of the company by selling electronic products proved to be fruitful for the company.
According to Papadatos, A. 2001, in 1982, Woolworths Limited took complete ownership of Dick Smith Electronics by paying the total amount of $25million (AUD). Then the company started opening stores in the major happening areas throughout Australia. After the ownership of Woolworths Limited, in the late 1990s Dick Smith Electronics establi...

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...lders and creditors’ investment. They should have protected their investors which would have saved the company from collapse. Therefore, any company should also have focus on the ethical issues as well as all other areas rather than only profit maximization. Otherwise they will also have the same fate as Dick Smith Holdings.

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