A Case Against Government Gun Control

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America is changing, the country that once was based on religious ideas is slowly becoming history, to the point that we can lose all traces of the America that was founded in 1776. As the days continue there is a continuous battle over the public possessing guns. A large portion believes and supports laws preventing civilians from owning military style rifles. With the growing support, these supports are trying to get guns all together out of the hands of people. With the recent mass shootings, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Colorado, and Virginia Tech, causing big support of these laws, many people fear that losing guns to the government will allow for criminals to do anything they want because civilians wont have a way to protect themselves. If guns are removed, the crime will increase, and there is more potential for foreign attacks to be held on U.S. soil. When America was founded in 1776 there were a few reasons behind the Revolution that freed America from Britain. The British wanted to remain in control of this small country because they began to see the potential of business starting there. As the Americans started to see this they realized they were going to have to fight their way to freedom. With growing taxes, growing hostility from british solders, and others laws being enforced, America had enough. But what was the line that was crossed that started this? Gun control. As Britain realized it would be very difficult to enforce laws on a very well armed populous with small amounts of solders, they began to take all the gun powder. This being that all the guns in this time were made to fire with gun powder. This also would begin their attempt to take ammo and guns too. Angered by this, americans revolted, the Boston Tea Party, a... ... middle of paper ... ...he common denominator in many of these mass shooting is someone who is a loner, dysfunctional and had some type of outside influence to do this, not honest gun owners. If the government continues to make laws against guns, the results could be bad. People will revolt, then we could have a civil war on our hands. Many people believe that the guns can and should be in the hands of the people who want them for protection and sport. Criminals will go to any lengths to get their weapons needed to perform a crime, that’s why they are criminals they break laws, they don’t follow them. The government is hoping to take control of these assault style weapons and keep them from the common people, but these weapons aren’t what crimes are being committed with. If guns are removed, the crime will increase, and there is more potential for foreign attacks to be held on U.S. soil.
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