A Reflection On The Value Of Happiness Essay

A Reflection On The Value Of Happiness Essay

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Congratulations! You just won the golden ticket to happiness! All the information you need to be happier is here. All you have to do is grab hold of the ticket, believe in the process, and take the steps laid out here, and you will start to become happier almost instantly.

Let me be clear: This is an opportunity you should take. Happiness is a right that we all have in life, and it is completely in our hands to take advantage of that right. If you don 't do it, nobody else will do it for you.

Ready? Let 's start!

Step 1: Get Clear On Your Beliefs

I bet you thought I was going to say 'Get Clear On Your Goals! ' but that 's not the first thing you need to for happiness. Your beliefs make you who you are. Therefore, if you are unhappy, your beliefs are making you unhappy.

Where you are right now is a reflection of what you believe is possible for you. If you are unhappy, you may have beliefs like:

- I am unworthy of success

- No one will love me

- I am not good enough to get what I want

- I don 't have the abilities to be successful

- I fail at everything I do

Or, your beliefs may be a little more subtle than that. For example, you may believe that you just can 't seem to make it work no matter how hard you try. Subtle negative beliefs are still negative beliefs that keep you stuck in life.

Take some time to write out all the beliefs you know you have about yourself. These are the things you say to yourself when obstacles arise, when failure happens, and when fear strikes. These are the things you say to yourself when you feel like you are not living up to your potential or getting what you want. Think back through your week and write down every negative thing you said to yourself that is a belief you have.


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...ll have a lot of the same interests you have, and because they are actively taking apart in what they are interested in, they are actively working on their happiness as well.

You may also want to surround yourself with the happiest souls on earth. Animals bring so much happiness into your life for the time that they are here. Not only are they forgiving, nonjudgmental, and full of love, but they require your love and attention in order to survive. You will find that taking care of an animal in a way that makes them feel happy, will add to your happiness exponentially.

And lastly, make a conscious choice to focus on happy news and stories. Some of the unhappiest people I know watch the news on a regular basis. The news and other negative shows affect how you feel about yourself and everything around you. In other words, they affect your happiness in a negative way.

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